US COVID infections hit a six-month high – Press Enterprise

By Maria Caspani and Roshan Abraham | Reuters

More than 100,000 cases have been reported nationwide as new COVID-19 cases peak daily in the United States in six months and Delta variants have hit Florida and other low-vaccination states.

The seven-day average of newly reported cases reached about 95,000, a five-fold increase in less than a month, Reuters data showed by Wednesday.

The seven US states with the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates (Florida, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi) accounted for half of the new cases and hospitalizations in the United States last week. White House COVID-19 Coordinator Jeff Zientz told reporters Thursday.

“In our hospital, we see a horrifying trend of # COVID19,” county judge Lina Hidalgo wrote on Twitter. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Harris County, Texas’s most populous county and home of the city of Houston. “At this point, if you have not been vaccinated by choice, you are part of this crisis.”

The US government will supply booster shots to Americans with a weakened immune system, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, a top expert in infectious diseases in the United States, Thursday. A day ago, he warned that mutations in the coming weeks could double the number of cases to 200,000 per day.

The U.S. joins Germany, France and Israel to offer booster shots, even though the World Health Organization has called for a postponement until more people around the world can get their first shots. increase.

Florida surge

Florida, which has emerged as a hotbed for new infectious diseases, set another stringent hospitalization record on Thursday, with COVID-19 patients accounting for 12,373 beds, according to data from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In Florida, more children are hospitalized for the virus than in any other US state.

According to Reuters, Louisiana and Arkansas are also working on a record or near-record number of bed-occupying coronavirus patients.

Elsewhere, Virginia on Thursday became the third state to require employees in all states to be vaccinated or tested weekly, after California and New York. Vaccination is only required for some New Jersey civil servants.

Health director Barbara Ferrer told reporters that cases are still increasing in Los Angeles County, but seemed to have leveled off after a dramatic surge last week.

US COVID infections hit a six-month high – Press Enterprise Source link US COVID infections hit a six-month high – Press Enterprise

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