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Charles de Gaulle Airport, France (AP) —The United States lifts travel restrictions from many countries, including Mexico, Canada and most of Europe, on Monday, setting the stage for an emotional reunion for nearly two years. And the airline and tourism industry Pandemic..

The wife hugs her husband for the first time in a few months. Grandma dodges grandchildren who have doubled in age since the last time they saw them. Aunts, uncles and cousins ​​hug babies they haven’t met yet.

“I jump into his arm, kiss him and touch him,” Gay Kamala said she saw before COVID-19 brought the Fly Here and Everywhere World to the world. He talked about his never-before-seen New York husband. Stop

“Speaking about it makes me emotional,” said 40-year-old Kamala, carrying her luggage at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Regulations that come into force on Monday allow air travel from a range of countries that have been restricted since the early days of the pandemic. As long as the traveler has evidence of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test.. People who cross the border from Mexico or Canada need proof of vaccination, but no testing.

American citizens and permanent residents were always allowed to enter the United States, but travel bans stipulated that there were grounded tourists, disturbed business travelers, and more. Often separated families..

When Kamala last saw her husband Mamadu in January 2020, they had no way of knowing that they had to wait 21 months before hugging again. She lives in the Alsace region of France and works there as a secretary. He is based in New York.

“It was very hard at first. I cried almost every night,” she said.

Video calls, text messages, and phone conversations kept us connected, but we couldn’t fill in the isolation gaps.

“I can’t wait,” she said. “Being with him, his presence, his face, his smile.”

Airlines are preparing for a surge in activity after a pandemic and consequent restrictions have plunged overseas travel. According to data from travel and analytics firm Cirium, airlines have increased their flights between the UK and the US by 21% this month from last month.

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic will synchronize their early morning flight departures to New York on the parallel runway at London’s Heathrow Airport as a sign that transatlantic travel is of great importance to airlines. Celebrated the reopening. BA CEO Sean Doyle was on a plane for his company.

“Together, even as competitors, we have fought for a safe return on transatlantic travel — and now we are celebrating that achievement as a team. Doyle in a message to our customers. There are some things that are more important than one-up manship, pointing out that the numbers that belonged to the Supersonic Concorde are on board the flight.

For Martine Kerherve, being away from loved ones in the United States was full of worries that he couldn’t stand the pandemic that killed more than five million people worldwide.

“We told ourselves that we could die without seeing each other,” said Carhelb, who was heading from Paris to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “We all experienced periods of depression and anxiety.”

Before the pandemic, Kerherve and his partner Francis Pasquier traveled once or twice a year. “We lost our bearings,” Pasquier said when they lost it.

Maria Giribet, on the other hand, hasn’t seen about half the life of her twin grandchildren Gabriel and David. Currently 3 1/2 boys are in San Francisco. San Francisco may have been another planet for the 74-year-old Zillibet, who lives on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca during a pandemic.

“I’m going to hug and suffocate them. That’s what I dream of,” Ziribet said after checking in on her flight. A widow, she died of a protracted illness before her husband before the pandemic, and all three grown-up children live abroad.

“I was alone,” said Jiribet, who was flying alone for the first time in her life.

This change will also have serious implications for the border between the United States and Mexico and Canada. In Mexico and Canada, round-trip travel was the way to go until a pandemic broke out and the United States stopped unnecessary trips.

U.S. border town malls, restaurants, and Main Street stores have been devastated Due to a shortage of visitors from Mexico.. At the Canadian border, the community’s tradition of cross-border hockey rivals was overturned. Churches with members on both sides of the border want to welcome parishioners who haven’t seen each other for nearly two years.

River Robinson’s American partner was unable to be in Canada 17 months ago due to the birth of a boy. She was excited to hear about the reopening of the United States.

“I’m going to drop my baby for Thanksgiving in the United States,” said Robinson, who lives in St. Thomas, Ontario. “If everything goes well at the border, I’ll beat him as much as I can.”

“It’s crazy to think he has the other side of a family he hasn’t met yet,” she added.

The United States accepts travelers who are fully vaccinated with one of the shots approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization, as well as those used in the United States. This is reassuring for many people in Canada where the AstraZeneca vaccine is widely used.

However, millions of people around the world have been vaccinated with Sputnik V in Russia, CanSino in China, or other vaccines not approved by WHO. Can’t travel to usa

This move shows that the United States has dramatically improved its outlook for COVID-19 in recent weeks since the summer delta surge that put hospitals in jeopardy in many places.

People in the travel industry want the COVID-19 travel ban to help after it has succumbed to this sector.

Travel agency Francis Legros, who flies from Paris to the travel industry convention in Las Vegas, has decided to bring the company back to life.

“We are rebuilding,” he said. “It’s a new chapter, a new professional life.”

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