Urban Medical Aesthetics Beauty Bar Celebrates Grand Opening of the First Women-Owned & Black-Owned Medical Spa In Elk Grove

Beauty bar Urban Medical Aesthetics (Photo by Michelle Silveira)

Urban Medical Aesthetics Beauty Bar, located at 2384 Maritime Drive in Elk Grove, celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, March 12, 2022, providing the city with its first women-owned, black-owned medical spa.

Dr. Alexa Gingras and registered nurse Latasha Moon are the proud owners of UMABB. They aim to offer high quality services specializing in a variety of skin care treatments such as botox, fillers, facials and chemical peels. In addition, they offer laser treatments and skin resurfacing such as laser hair removal, laser hair removal, restoration services and more.

Owners: Dr. Alexa Gingras and Latasha Moon RN
Photo credit: Michelle Silveira

The grand opening of UMABB

UMABB celebrated a grand opening with plenty of food, drinks, drinks and snacks. Of course, with the wide variety of excellent meals and services, this has attracted a multitude of interested future clientele. Both men and women have expressed a much-needed desire to improve their appearance. They were thrilled to have a spa like this in Elk Grove. A few elected officials attended the grand opening and congratulated Alexa and Latasha for bringing UMABB to the city. They also handed out awards and certificates to the new business. It is important to note that elected officials present included Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen, Assemblyman Jim Cooper, and Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli.

Dr. Alexa and Nurse Latasha are passionate about bringing beauty to the Elk Grove community, and in more ways than one. So they decided to partner with Marie Jachino, executive director of Elk Grove Food Bank Services for the grand opening. A raffle was held with prizes for free facial and laser treatments. All proceeds from the grand opening raffle were donated to the food bank to better serve the community and the growing needs of Elk Grove residents. The owners hope to continue to elevate the community in a number of ways.

The Event

The event took place in an indoor and outdoor area of ​​the medical spa. A jokey record played vibrant sounds and modern music that set the tone for a successful reunion. Photographers walked around taking pictures and a videographer filmed souvenirs for guests to take home as souvenirs. Alcohol was generously served, and each was named after Latasha, the spa’s founder. The drinks menu featured several blends of alcohol, cleverly titled Urban Aesthetic Wine, Tasha Dream, The Beauty Bar, and Moon Punch. A variety of appetizers and sausage trays sat on tables inside a large decorated tent outside the beauty bar. Throughout the celebration they were offered plenty to eat and drink to the audience. Party bags full of goodies, face masks and promotional offers were handed out to guests. The camaraderie and friendship flowed through the atmosphere of the grand opening, as UMABB welcomed the Elk Grove community into its new medical spa.

Latasha handing out party bags to new customers
Photo credit: Michelle Silveira
Free bar with drink menus named after the founder of UMABB
Photo credit: Michelle Silveira
Appetizers, fruit and sausages
Photo credit: Marissa Johnson

About UMAAB owners

The founder and co-owner of UMABB is Latasha Moon. She is a registered nurse who currently works as an emergency nurse in Sacramento. He worked and trained in many medical spas. Her main concern has always been with men and women of color. Its diverse clientele is made up of people from many ethnic backgrounds, including those of Indian, African, Filipino, and all Asian backgrounds. According to Latasha, most of her clients have had bad experiences with laser treatments and hair removal due to their skin tone and complexion. So Latasha decided to travel all over the country looking for the skills and equipment to help people of all skin types and shades. Latasha spoke passionately as she described her feelings.

“That means everything to me because I want to serve my community. I want to bring something special to the community and I want to help anyone and everyone, of all skin types.”

-UMABB owner Latasha Moon

Dr. Alexa Gingras is a co-owner of UMABB and a doctor. She currently works as an emergency physician in Sacramento with Latasha Moon. Dr. Alexa hopes to bring beauty to the community with the medical spa.

“Latasha has been working as a nurse in the cosmetics and beauty industry for more than ten years. What she often noticed, especially with the laser, was not very accommodating to people with darker skin tones, those who were African American and Asian American. She really wanted to focus on that and bring that accessibility to those services to those people and the community, which is absolutely fantastic! be “.

Owner Dr. Alexa Gingras

Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli presented certificates to the UMA
Photo credit: Michelle Silveira
Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen with owner Latasha Moon
Photo credit: Michelle Silveira

“It’s great to see another business open here in Elk Grove. Wishing good luck to UMA and Dr. Alexa and Latasha Moon. I hope they prosper and good luck to them!”

Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen

Latasha Moon with Assemblyman Jim Cooper
Photo credit: Michelle Silveira

“Small businesses are the backbone of every California business. I’m so excited to take a risk on Elk Grove!”

– Assemblyman Jim Cooper

UMABB owners with future customers of the Soroptomist Club
Photo credit: Michelle Silveira

“How a future customer, I’m excited to use your services! ”

-Betty Matsui, Soroptomist Club

Elk Grove Food Bank has partnered with UMABB for the grand opening
(Photo by Marissa Johnson)

“UMABB was kind enough to draw lots. All the money and proceeds from the draw go to Elk Grove Food Bank.

which is amazing. Thank you so much for that! “

– Jacklyn Kay, Elk Grove Food Bank

Urban Medical Aesthetics Beauty Bar Celebrates Grand Opening of the First Women-Owned & Black-Owned Medical Spa In Elk Grove Source link Urban Medical Aesthetics Beauty Bar Celebrates Grand Opening of the First Women-Owned & Black-Owned Medical Spa In Elk Grove

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