UPDATE: USW Local 7600 will seek strike authorization from 7,400 Kaiser Permanente workers | News

Members of Kaiser Permanente’s United Steelworkers (USW) Local 7600 will vote for strike approval from October 2 to 10, as negotiations continue on a new collective bargaining agreement, the union said on September 23. Said in the latest news release of the day.

“It’s clear that management is more interested in pursuing their own agenda than workers and patients because of the demands that negatively impact worker safety and patient care,” said Michael Barnett, president of local 7600. Says. “We do not drive workers into labor disputes by insisting on Kaiser Permanente dangerous cost-cutting measures that make it impossible to maintain safe staffing, but at the table for a fair contract. I highly recommend coming to and negotiating. “

Approximately 7,400 healthcare professionals in the USW Local 7600 have been negotiating with Kaiser Permanente since this spring in collaboration with 20 other regional unions that make up the Alliance of Health Care Unions (AHCU). Both national and local agreements expire on September 30th.

According to Burnett, Kaiser Permanente’s most divisive demands are two stages: significantly lower wages paid to new employees to do the same job as current workers, making it even more difficult to fill vacancies. Wage scale is included.

Burnett said the company’s proposed “small” wage increases to current members would also address the “tremendous” wage gap between Inland Empire workers and workers in the region. Said he wasn’t doing anything.

As a result, members of the USW Local 7600 will vote on whether to empower negotiators to initiate strikes as needed.

“We are thin and morale is beginning to decline after more than a year and a half of the pandemic as a whole,” says Barnett. “We worked together to ensure that the shift was covered and the patients were well cared for, but sometimes at the expense of our own health and security. But safe staffing. We need management to take it seriously, and we need to prioritize the community as we do. “

The decision to vote will be made after locals have decided to suspend the labor-management partnership with Kaiser on September 17 due to similar concerns.

USW Local 7600 covers more than 200 different occupations, including associate nurses, appointments, housekeeping attendants, medical assistants, customer service personnel, pharmacy assistants, Frevotomists, pharmacy engineers, membership service personnel, and dietary assistants. On behalf of the workers. Location in Southern California.

In Fontana, USW Local 7600 is headquartered in 16855 Arrow Boulevard.

—– In response to the early suspension of the labor-management partnership, Kaiser Permanente’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Arlene Pesnal, issued the following statement last weekend:

“The last 20 months of this pandemic was a very challenging and stressful time to work at the forefront of health care. We are the best at providing care and service throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We are very grateful to the frontline healthcare professionals and the labor partners who have stood side by side with us throughout this unprecedented period. Healthcare history.

“We have worked hard to relieve the stress this pandemic has caused to our people. From the early days of the pandemic, Kaiser Permanente has been a front-line employee with alternative housing and special childcare. We have provided approximately $ 600 million in employee support to make available grants and additional paid leave for COVID-19 illness and exposure. A pandemic impact on workers’ performance bonuses at the end of the year. Instead, we chose to guarantee all employees of eligible union representatives to pay at least 100% of their performance bonuses when it became clear that could be reduced. On average, one $ 1 per person.

“Kaiser Permanente and the Healthcare Union Coalition began national negotiations on April 20, 2021 and we are continuing negotiations. At the heart of our controversy is healthcare becoming more and more affordable. It’s not priced and the fact that rising wages are half the cost of healthcare. Our employees, represented by the Alliance Union, are about 26% above average market wages, and in some places the market. 38% above the level.

“On August 25, we submitted a proposal that would not change the current severance pay system, including a salary increase for all current employees. We also guarantee that there will be no wage cuts for current employees. The increase is in addition to the already market-leading wages and profits employees receive, as confirmed by independent wage surveys and government-specific data edited by CMS, addressing future costs and members. Proposes a market-based remuneration system for employees hired after 2023 to ensure that is still affordable, which allows new hires to exceed market wages on average. , You will be able to attract and retain talented people.

“Kaiser Permanente’s labor-management partnership was founded 24 years ago and has a good track record of serving as a framework for solving sometimes very difficult problems. Instead of abandoning it, the spirit of the partnership So we call on union leaders to continue working constructively towards an agreement.

“We believe that ongoing discussions at the negotiating table are the best way to resolve issues and differences and reach consensus.”

UPDATE: USW Local 7600 will seek strike authorization from 7,400 Kaiser Permanente workers | News Source link UPDATE: USW Local 7600 will seek strike authorization from 7,400 Kaiser Permanente workers | News

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