Unvaccinated City of San Diego employees who refuse testing will be fired –

Mayor Todd Gloria held his monthly media briefing Thursday, where he discussed the return of major conferences and events and their impact on the city budget and local economy.

Gloria said businesses and conventions choose San Diego as their destination because of our response to COVID-19 and our high vaccination rate, before touting the tourism board’s work.

As tourism increases, so does the need for security. But as a result of Mayor Gloria’s vaccination mandates for city employees, the San Diego Police Department has seen a huge spike in officers leaving.

In October 2021, KUSI reported that hundreds of San Diego police officers were expected to lose their jobs because of the vaccine mandate. KUSI was heavily criticized

Thursday, The San Diego Union Tribune reported, “neither the city nor the San Diego Police Department would confirm how many officers received prior termination notices, the first step in the city’s termination process. City and police officials said they were unable to provide a set for the officers because of state law that protects officers’ personal information. The SDUT added that “34 employees from other departments received notices.”

KUSI’s Ed Lenderman asked Mayor Gloria about the increase in San Diego police attrition and if she thinks it’s a result of the vaccine mandate?

Gloria strongly rejected the idea that the vaccine mandate was what caused the loss of San Diego police officers, but confirmed that unvaccinated officers will be fired if they do not agree to undergo regular testing. Mayor Gloria began his response by insisting that San Diego’s high loss of police officers is due to officers choosing to “retire, relocate, or any number of things.”

Gloria is a staunch supporter of the vaccine mandate, telling KUSI’s Ed Lenderman that it has been extremely successful. Gloria said the city is losing employees “because they were dying of COVID,” not because of the vaccine mandate.

Gloria went on to state, “we’ve been extremely patient in working with individuals, but at some point the due process they’re allowed under our civil service rules will run out. Then they will have to make a choice. To be vaccinated, to seek an exemption, to be tested, and if they refuse all these opportunities, then their employment with the city will end.”

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Unvaccinated City of San Diego employees who refuse testing will be fired – Source link Unvaccinated City of San Diego employees who refuse testing will be fired –

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