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VICTORVILLE, California (VVNG.com) – The San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office has filed several charges, including carrying an unregistered loaded pistol against Victor Valley Mall shooter Michael James Cockrell20, resident of Adelant.

It happened on April 12, when 9-year-old Ava Chruniak was waiting in line to take a picture with an Easter bunny in the mall when she was hit by fire.

According to police, around 6:30 p.m., Cockrell chased after two thieves and fired several shots that hit the young victim instead. Cockrell is a co-owner of Sole Addicts, a shoe and clothing store located inside the mall.

(Marquel Michael James Cockrell (20) from Adelant – photo for reservation)

Ava received three gunshot wounds, including two in the arm, and was released from the hospital on Thursday.

After the shooting, Cockrell fled the mall to the parking lot where he got into his vehicle and drove north on the I-15 highway before a Nevada patrol on the Primm Nevada highway eventually located him in his car.

He was sentenced to Clark County Jail on an expansion order for attempted murder, in the amount of $ 1,000,000. The prosecution said Cockrell was extradited back to California where he is currently in custody.

The following applications have been submitted:

  • (1) PC245 (a) (2) 1 – Firearm attackPC12022.5 (a) 1 – Use of firearms
  • PC12022.7 (a) 0 – Personal grievous bodily harm (2)
  • PC246.3 (a) 0 – Discharge of firearms with gross negligence (3)
  • PC25850 (a) 6 – Carry loaded pistol on face or in vehicle – not registered
Gunman opens fire at the Victor Valley Mall; A 9-year-old minor was hit
(Gabriel D. Espinoza, VVNG.com)

Cockrell is scheduled to be indicted in a video on Monday, April 18, 2022, in Division R17 of the Rancho Cucamong High Court.

Since her release, Ava has been resting and recovering at home while waiting for more operations on her arm due to nerve damage that needs to be repaired.

Victorville police visit Ava at her house
(Members of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department visit Avi at her home. – Photo: Robin Morga-Saldarelli)

Avi’s grandmother Robin-Moraga-Saldarelli shared the news along with a photo for the VVNG Facebook group on April 15 and said the family is very grateful to this community for all their love, support and prayers. Ava said the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department stopped by in the morning and brought Ava Easter goodies.

Over the weekend, Ava received another special visit this time from A Super Hero and Friends,

Ava’s family established Gofundme to help Ava’s long life recovery costs.

The victim of the shooting in the Ava shopping center meets an Easter bunny
(Photo: Future superhero and friends on Facebook)

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Unregistered loaded pistol among prosecution charges against Victor Valley Mall Shooter – VVNG.com

Source link Unregistered loaded pistol among prosecution charges against Victor Valley Mall Shooter – VVNG.com

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