Ukrainian Mail Brides: What Are The Best Websites To Meet A Wife?

Beautiful Ukrainian brides are some of the most desired women. Is there any way to meet Ukrainian mail order brides and get a wife who really loves you? What are the best sites to meet your spouse-to-be online? Well, let’s find out.

Best sites to meet Ukrainian brides

Here are some of the best mail order brides sites to meet Ukrainian women for marriage:

We’ll focus on each of them and describe it in more detail. But how do you understand if you really should find and marry one of the Ukrainian girls? We’ll talk about their motivation and role in society in more detail below, too.

Ukrainian Mail Brides: What Are The Best Websites To Meet A Wife


  • Specialties: verified profiles, a lot of communication features, free registration
  • Payment system: credits

The site works perfectly for men looking for beautiful Ukrainian singles, and vice versa. Still, it can also help you meet a girlfriend in Russia, Belarus, Poland, and some other European countries. The main reason why many people join the community is that due to the great moderation and the system that doesn’t let women create accounts without verifying them, there are only real hot girls for marriage on the site.

On top of that, all members can use advanced search to find ideal matches. There are also some special features that can help you find the right person fast and easily. In particular, you can click on any profile and see the Match Q&A section, read the answers about relationships that a member is looking for and compare them to your own answers. Let’s say you’ve already found a perfect mail order bride. How can you contact her? It’s up to you—there are text chat, emails, likes, phone calls, video chat, and even a gift store. You can purchase credits and spend them on any of the above-mentioned services. The costs of credits may vary depending on the current discounts. For instance, now there is an opportunity to buy a credit for less than 2 USD.

Visit UkraineBride4you


  • Specialties: CamShare feature, video gallery, phone calls
  • Payment system: credits

What distinguishes great legit mail order brides sites from the platforms that aren’t even worth visiting, not to mention using them to find a sexy Ukrainian lady? That’s the quality of profiles and the quality of mail brides services, of course. There are plenty of sites that don’t work well enough because the only communication tool they offer is messaging. Fortunately, SingleSlavic doesn’t fall under this category. All registered users who have enough credits can also send long emails, call each other and even make video calls right on the site without sharing their contact details.

You can do certain things without paying, for example, use all the types of search, view pictures, and even say Hi to other members, but the special services are available only to those who have credits. There are different packs—you can buy 2 credits or 100 credits depending on how often you interact with others.

Visit SingleSlavic



  • Specialties: real Ukrainian women for marriage, gift delivery, video shows
  • Payment system: credits

This is another great website with lots of Ukrainian singles looking for serious (in 90% of cases) relationships with foreign men. This platform offers all the best features that a mail order brides site can offer. Newly registered and regular members can add contacts, favorites, use search, see their best matches, edit profiles, and also contact other users in plenty of different ways. Do you need to see your potential partner’s face and hear her voice? You can schedule a call or have a video chat. Do you like messaging better—no problem, there is not only text chat but also Mail service.

On top of that, members can send each other virtual, as well as real gifts. There is also a video gallery for men who don’t trust pictures and want to be 100% sure that the mail order bride they’re talking to is real. Simply put, this is a kind of video search that, by the way, works perfectly. MeetUkrainianGirl is a premium website that uses the credit system—you can purchase credits, spend them, and buy more if you want to. The price of 1 credit starts from 3.99 USD, but there may be discounts and bonuses, so the costs vary.

Visit MeetUkrainianGirl


  • Specialties: scheduled and instant calls, plenty of free features, a lot of pretty Ukrainian girls
  • Payment system: credits

It may seem that UkrainianGirl.net looks for female members in model agencies. Some may even think that this is too good to be true, but ladies on the site are real. Why are we so sure about that? First, they can’t sign up without verifying their identity. Okay, but are mail order brides really as beautiful as they seem? Nearly all ladies have videos, and yes, they look exactly like in their pictures. Another great thing is that they don’t hesitate to share a lot of information about themselves, their life and priorities, and, of course, the type of relationship they are looking for.

Like other sites on our list, it lets members buy credits and spend them on the services they need and like more. The costs of different services like video chat or messaging are different, so take a look at the price list if you are going to use UkrainianGirl.net. The more credits you buy, the less you pay. This rule, however, doesn’t work if there are discounts for particular packs. For example, now you can buy the smallest pack for only 3.99 USD instead of paying 15.99 USD. There is a mobile app compatible with most Android and iOS devices, too.

Visit UkrainianGirl.net

Beautiful Ukrainian brides: Who they really are?

A lot of people still believe that a mail order bride is a woman who posts her photos and information about her somewhere on the Internet, sets the price, and marries any guy who’s ready to pay it. It doesn’t work like that anymore.

There was a time when men who moved to the US found out that they couldn’t start a family for one simple reason—there were no women in the area. So, they started to publish “ads” in newspapers, offering women to move to their state and become their wives. And there were ladies who agreed. Then the industry evolved and became truly global. Asian girls agreed to move to the US without even meeting their future husbands, who could even “return” them and get a new wife. Fortunately, those times are gone, too. Today, mail order brides date their foreign boyfriends, meet them in real life, and then make a decision.

So who are brides from Ukraine? They are single (divorced or never married) ladies who believe that they can find a better husband in another country. They are interested in a happy relationship with a loving man. Nowadays, money is not a top priority anymore. Why do they think that they have a better chance to find such a person in the US, UK, Canada, and other countries than in Ukraine? To answer this question, we need to take a closer look at some characteristics and values of Ukrainian women.

Ukrainian girls in the society: family, children, sociological perspective

Ukrainian girls in the society: family, children, sociological perspective

Ukrainian mail brides are very attractive, but that’s not the only thing men should know about them. What are their values? What role do they play in society? Here are some facts that can help you better understand these pretty Slavic singles:

  1. In Ukraine, females outnumber males. Despite the fact that most women in this country are outstandingly beautiful, the competition between them is still pretty fierce. Many ladies fail to find a decent match, and they are too proud to live with a random guy who doesn’t match their criteria, just because that’s a real opportunity to start a family.
  2. Alcohol abuse and domestic violence are some of the most common reasons for divorce. These are the big social problems in Ukraine and one of the things that make these women look for more reliable men overseas.
  3. They are much more conservative when it comes to family roles. Some believe that’s a benefit, some believe that it’s the wrong approach, but the fact is that it’s much easier to find a “traditional” girl who’d like to be a wife and mother in Ukraine. It doesn’t mean that they don’t care about career or self-realization, not at all. But the family and traditional family values usually are equally or even more important for them.
  4. Trust, mutual assistance, and support are some of the core family values. A lot of men are looking for mail order brides in Ukraine because they know how loyal these ladies are. In Ukraine, family is about mutual trust, respect, and support.

If you look for Ukrainian brides reviews, you’ll find a lot of comments that are somehow related to their looks and natural beauty. Of course, this shouldn’t be underestimated, too, but there are much more significant things to consider. After all, these girls are more conservative and less demanding than ladies in many other (in particular, western countries), but it doesn’t mean that they won’t look for men who meet their expectations, too.

How to find pretty single Ukrainian girls?

The easiest way to do it is to find Ukrainian women online, of course. We’ve already listed and described some really great best ukrainian women dating sites with many women from Ukraine. Here are some essential things you should consider when looking for an ideal Ukrainian bride:

  • Always check the profiles. Are they detailed enough? Starting a relationship with a Ukrainian woman who doesn’t even exist doesn’t make much sense.
  • There may be hidden costs, so see the price list before you pay for membership and/or credits.
  • If you are going to start a serious relationship online to turn them into a “real” relationship, you need some advanced communication tools. Text chat is not enough to get really close.
  • Support, moderation, and anti-scam policy are important, too. Test the site paying attention to these aspects, too.

The analysis takes some time, but it’s worth it. There are a lot of Ukrainian mail order brides who really want to marry a decent man. You only need to find them, and that means that you need the right site.

How much does it cost to meet & date a Ukrainian brides for marriage?

How much does it cost to meet & date a Ukrainian brides for marriage

It depends on the following things:

  • The time you need to meet the right girl
  • The website you choose, its payment system, and pricing policy
  • Your location and the city she lives in
  • Your traveling style
  • Your dating style (from gifts you give or not give to the number of messages you send her a day)

Simply put, you can spend much more money if you choose a high-end site, contact hundreds of ladies, and if you prefer to stay at luxury hotels when you come to Ukraine to meet your girlfriend. You can spend less if you use search to contact the best matches only, choose a girl pretty fast and pay less for tickets, accommodation, food, entertainment in Ukraine, etc. Still, there is the average cost—most men who date Ukrainian mail order brides spend about 3,000–4,000 USD during a year or two in total.


Who are Ukrainian brides?

They are single women (never married or divorced) who want to find foreign husbands. They choose an international mail order bride site, add photos, complete their profiles, and start to interact with potential matches, hoping that this will help them find the right person and marry him in the near future.

Why do Ukrainian women look for husbands overseas?

The reasons may be different, but in most cases, they join global dating sites because they believe that there’s a better chance to find a more reliable, loving, and caring husband in another country. It’s related to some social (alcohol abuse, domestic violence) and economic problems (inability to raise children due to the lack of opportunities and money) and also with some cultural trends (respect for women, appreciation of what they do for their families, etc).

Are Ukrainian mail order wives real?

Yes, they are. There are tens of thousands of single women in Ukraine, and a lot of them know that it’s much easier (and faster) to find a husband in another country.

How to avoid dating scams when looking for a Ukrainian wife online?

First and foremost, choose a trusted website. Don’t provide contact details, not to mention financial information to any suspicious company. Read the privacy policy, create a strong password, use call services, and video chat when interacting with a potential match, and more importantly, don’t send money to anyone you meet on any dating site, no matter how much you like a woman.

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