Ukraine war latest: Kyiv and Moscow exchange prisoners of war

Ukrainian and Russian armed forces on Thursday held the first exchange of prisoners of war since Moscow began invading Ukraine a month ago.

“Today, by order of the President [Volodymyr] Zlanski, there was a full exchange of POWs. “In exchange for 10 captured occupiers, we evacuated 10 of our service personnel,” said Irina Vershchuk, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, in a Facebook post.

“Also, today we sent 11 Russian civilian sailors to the Russians, whom we rescued from a shipwreck near Odessa,” Varshchuk said. “As a result of this exchange, 19 Ukrainian civilian sailors are returning home from the sapphire rescue ship, which was captured by the occupiers while trying to take our soldiers from Snake Island. Under the terms of the exchange, the lifeboat itself will be returned to Ukraine and sent to a Turkish port.”

Russia’s human rights commissioner has confirmed a prisoner exchange has taken place, Interfax reported on Thursday.

“I can approve the replacement of 10 Russian soldiers arrested in Ukraine with 10 Ukrainian soldiers,” Tatiana Moskalkova told Interfax on Thursday.

Moskalkova also approved the exchange of Ukrainian and Russian civilian sailors.

The development comes one day after Ukrainian officials denied Russia’s claims that the two sides had already carried out two exchanges of soldiers captured by each side.

Earlier this month, Ukraine transferred a group of Russian troops in exchange for Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of Mariupol in the south of the Russian occupation. Fedorov was taken hostage by Russian armed forces after city residents staged daily pro-Ukrainian demonstrations against the Russian invasion.

Ukrainian officials claim that the exchange on Thursday was the first exchange between soldier and soldiers by both sides.

Ukraine war latest: Kyiv and Moscow exchange prisoners of war Source link Ukraine war latest: Kyiv and Moscow exchange prisoners of war

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