UK shale gas: fracking on a crowded island is fraught with difficulty

Former Prime Minister David Cameron’s government has come out “on top of everything” for splits. The Promised Revolution never took place. The only two split gas wells in the UK are going to be Closed in concrete. However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has provoked calls for rethinking.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering removing Britain Prohibition on breaking In a desperate attempt to increase the supply of household energy.

But there are countless reasons why a split gas boom has failed to ignite in the UK as it has in the US. Geological conditions are less favorable, environmental regulations are more stringent and public acceptance is less forthcoming. Crown property.

The relatively high population density of European countries complicates matters. Britain is eight times more densely populated than the United States. France is half as dense, but 95 percent of its split gas resources are in the Paris Basin. The proximity of potential production sites to highly populated areas promises resistance. In 2011 France imposed a ban on cargo.

The UK has about one-fifth the amount of shale gas from France and Poland, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. It can be useful though. Studies have shown that between 90 billion and 330 billion cubic meters of natural gas can be produced between 2020 and 2050. This covers about one-fifth of the projected cumulative consumption during that period, according to a. Article by Warwick Business School.

The estimates are very crude. Most of what is known about the split gas reserves in the north of England comes from a 2013 study by the British Geological Survey. The rocks have 38 cubic tons of gas, according to its central estimate. But to understand how much of this can be restored would require drilling of dozens of wells. So far there have been only three. The earthquakes that developed forced the operations to stop.

A huge amount of work is required if the UK is to have a chance to exploit its fragmented gas reserves. If the fracturing moratorium is removed immediately, it could take a decade for the industry to produce significant quantities. In a crowded small island, shale gas production is not a quick fix.

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UK shale gas: fracking on a crowded island is fraught with difficulty Source link UK shale gas: fracking on a crowded island is fraught with difficulty

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