UK rail strikes will ‘punish millions’, warns transport secretary

Britain’s biggest railway strike in a generation will “punish millions”, warned a government minister, as union leaders said industrial action could spread to other parts of the economy this summer.

A six-day break will begin on Tuesday, featuring 40,000 train network workers and workers for 13 train operators, which is expected to cause a major transport disruption. The strike is being coordinated by the RMT union amid wage disputes.

Mick Lynch, Secretary General of the RMT Association, He told Sky News on Sunday that politicians are blocking a wage deal that could prevent strikes. “It’s zero, [Boris] “Johnson and Rishi Sonak are stopping a deal made in this conflict.”

Lynch said other unions are expected to strike this summer. “I think there will be a lot of unions at the polls across the country because people can no longer stand it.”

He added: “We do not want to be the cause of disruption in people’s lives. We want a solution to this conflict, but we are facing a crisis for our friends.”

Transport Secretary Grant Schaps on Saturday accused the union of “firing” strikes that would “punish millions of innocent people, instead of calmly discussing the logical and necessary reforms we must make to protect our rail network.”

He said the union “jumps on the gun”, adding that the RMT “seems determined to go on strike” instead of focusing on negotiations. “Unfortunately they have ignored these requests over and over again, and we are now on the verge of a major disruption that will cause suffering to people all over the country,” Schaps said.

The RMT said that Wage increases are discussed – Only 2 percent – would not be sufficient given that inflation is expected to reach 11 percent this year. Union members voted in favor of a six-month strike in May.

Lisa Nendy, Labor’s shadow secretary, said the government had failed to properly communicate with unions. “None of us want the strikes to continue,” she told the BBC on Sunday.

“The government must get around the table… The biggest problem facing this country right now is not militant workers, this is a militant government,” she added.

Kawasi Quarteng, the business secretary, accused the unions of bribing workers to open a strike, claiming that the increase in daily strike payments paid by the Unison trade union from £ 25 a day to £ 50 a day would be paid from the first day of the strike. Instead of the fourth day.

“It is clear that union leaders have quietly amassed a war crate to effectively bribe workers to unleash a summer of strike chaos,” he told the Sunday Telegraph.

Quartang added: “Obviously they’ve been plotting this for a while. Looking at the data, this plan of theirs is designed to do maximum damage to millions of people for as long as possible.”

The strikes will take place on June 21, 23 and 25 when a railway network warns that the disruption is expected to continue throughout the days between operations.

Disruptions are expected on all UK main train lines, including the London Underground, LNER, Avanti West Coast and many trains.

UK rail strikes will ‘punish millions’, warns transport secretary Source link UK rail strikes will ‘punish millions’, warns transport secretary

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