UK poultry producers take emergency measures as gas shortage intensifies

British poultry producers begin taking urgent steps to save carbon dioxide, which is used to stun birds for slaughter, as gas shortages pose an increasingly serious threat to the meat supply chain. I did.

And on a scale of spread issues, British soft drink makers said on Monday that they had only a few days left of the key ingredients they had left.

The poultry industry states that the factory supplies CO2 on-site for only one to five days, warning that it will be confused if the chicken supply chain runs out.

Soaring natural gas prices have reduced about 60% of UK commercial CO2 production by CF Industries in the US closing two fertilizer plants in the UK.

The UK Government is discussing with CF Industries CEO Tony Will about potential plant reopening solutions, including subsidies for fertilizer production.

However, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Areas told meat industry leaders on Monday that it was planned to be announced, but not yet, according to two people who attended the conference on the issue.

Commerce Minister Kwasi Kwaten told Congress on Monday that the government was monitoring the situation “on a minute-by-minute basis” and “was thoroughly exploring possible ways to secure critical supplies.” [of CO2]”.

The CEO of a major UK supermarket group said:

He added that the CO2 problem exacerbates the availability problem due to the shortage of truck drivers that had already disproportionately affected lines such as sodas.

Another supermarket group described the problem as “tight but manageable,” but added that it had an emergency response plan with its suppliers, including the use of alternative gases in meat and bread packaging.

Supermarkets added that many processors are looking for Europe for CO2 supply, which increases costs and depends on the availability of staff driving gas tankers in the UK.

Richard Griffiths, CEO of the British Poultry Council, said delivery of less than the amount of carbon dioxide ordered by the company has begun to arrive.

Some slaughterers have restarted a stunning old electric device that processes birds about 30% slower, diverting CO2 from packaging to slaughter.

“But not everyone has a kit [for electrical stunning] And not everyone has trained people to operate it, “Griffith added.

Executives said there was a narrow time frame to avoid chicken supply and overcrowded poultry farm disruptions, as it would take about three days after the fertilizer plant reopened to return to normal production levels.

“It’s not just a food issue, it’s an animal welfare issue,” said Ian Wright, CEO of the Food and Beverage Federation. “Chicken and other poultry production will be severely impacted in the coming days .. The continuity of food supply until Christmas is at stake.”

“Although there are some gaps in the shelves, consumers and shoppers are likely to be less aware,” he added, when the factory returns to full production this week. But he warned that longer pauses would cause serious confusion.

According to the British Soft Drinks Association, some members have only a few days’ worth of CO2 left.

“Currently, most CO2 suppliers do not currently schedule more than 24 hours in advance, which means there is no visibility into UK inventory and no certainty about delivery,” says BSDA. “If a soda maker runs out of reserves and cannot get a CO2 supply, it will need to stop production of certain products.”

The government has called for the broader food and beverage sector to be added to the priority CO2 supply list.

Meanwhile, pig farmers said they were two weeks away from slaughtering healthy animals because about 100,000 surplus pigs had already been backed up on the farm due to labor shortages at the slaughterhouse. One slaughterhouse at Cheale Meats in Essex uses a stunning electrical one, but it can only process 7,000 pigs a week, compared to 180,000 in a wider area, the National Pig Association. Says.

Adam Couch, CEO of Clanswick, a pork and chicken producer, said: .. .. The sector has sought help to mitigate the labor crisis, but CO2 shortages can now effectively disrupt production throughout the supply chain. “

Andrew Opy, Director of Food and Sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, said:

Producers of bakery products and soft drinks are also facing problems. Britvic, which manufactures Pepsi and 7UP beverages in the UK, said Citi analysts said, “This week we have ample CO2 supply, but we are already considering sourcing additional gas from alternative suppliers. “.

Additional report by Alice Hancock

UK poultry producers take emergency measures as gas shortage intensifies Source link UK poultry producers take emergency measures as gas shortage intensifies

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