UK Covid infections jump by a million in a week

Covid-19 infections jumped by a million a week across the UK, approaching their highest level recorded during the mid-March epidemic, according to the National Statistics Office.

Nearly 4.3 million people became infected with the corona virus in the week ending March 19, a rise slightly below 3.3 million a week earlier.

Scotland is in its biggest leap so far, with one in 11 Scots caught during the seven days. In England and Wales, one in 16 people is infected, according to ONS estimates released on Friday.

Infection rates across the UK are now only receding from the peak levels reached in early January, when the country was under stricter restrictions as it struggled to leapfrog the first version of Omicron.

The data comes as England prepare Finish free tests on a large scale By the end of the month, what experts have warned will make it difficult to monitor the epidemic and could accelerate the spread of the virus.

Infections are rising in all parts of the UK, except Northern Ireland, driven by the highest infections Extension of Omicron BA.2.

Sarah Crofts, head of analytical output at the ONS Polls Survey, noted that Northern Ireland was “a few weeks ahead of the rest of the UK” and recorded a “welcome drop” in pollution.

But she added that infection rates in Scotland had reached “the highest level of any country in the UK seen in our survey” and in England infection rates among over-50s had also peaked.

“Politicians in the UK and at higher levels have all decided as a practical matter to let the virus spread to the population,” said James Neismith, director of the Rosalind Franklin Institute and professor of structural biology at Oxford University.

“The sheer scale of the infection is now putting pressure on the health service, but the combination of vaccine, improved treatments and the less severe nature of Omicron makes the vast majority of those infected it would not be life-threatening,” he added.

About 17,440 Cubid patients are now hospitalized in hospitals across the UK, as of March 24, up 22% from a week earlier. In Scotland, 2,326 Cubid patients are currently receiving hospital care – the highest level throughout the epidemic.

However, there are signs that the rate of hospitalizations has slowed in recent days. In the UK, almost three-fifths of cobid patients are treated mainly because of another medical problem, having been tested positive in the case upon admission.

Stephen Griffin, a virologist at Leeds University and a member of the Independent Sage’s scientific advisory group, said the easing of guilt restrictions was partly a leap forward.

“Blinding ourselves to this level of damage does not constitute life with a viral infection, on the contrary,” Griffin argued. “The frustration of the lack of relief that could reduce this leap is very easily palpable for many; without enough vaccination, ventilation, masking, isolation and testing, we will continue to ‘live’ with disorders, diseases and unfortunately, death as a result.”

Professor Oliver Johnson, director of the Institute of Statistical Science at the University of Bristol, said the virus “will soon run out of people to catch up” and better weather and the upcoming Easter holidays also “slow” the transfer.

However, he added: “If you think naively England are about to reach the summit very soon, Scotland shows otherwise… The numbers are insanely high and still growing.”

UK Covid infections jump by a million in a week Source link UK Covid infections jump by a million in a week

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