UK confident vaccines protect against Indian variant

The UK is currently administering over 20 million jabs

The UK is confident that existing vaccines will provide protection from the more contagious Indian coronavirus mutants that are currently prevalent throughout the country, Heath Secretary Matt Hancock said on Sunday. ..

And hours later, he was able to announce that the country had passed the milestone of 20 million adults vaccinated with two doses of coronavirus jab.

The news was released shortly before England, Scotland and Wales unleashed part of the economy on Monday.

But further steps to reopen the country are suspected by Indian tensions.

Hancock told Sky News that he was “highly confident” that the vaccine would withstand the B1.617.2 variant, according to new preliminary data from the University of Oxford.

“That means we can keep going with our strategy of using vaccines to deal with pandemics,” he said.

Rapid vaccine deployment has also been seen in the United Kingdom, one of the most devastating countries in the world, with more than 127,000 deaths.

According to government data, the number of cases of Indian variants increased from 520 to 1,313 this week.

Faced with an increasing number of incidents, especially in the northern towns of Bolton and Blackburn, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Friday that a second dose of the vaccine was accelerated over the age of 50 and was clinically vulnerable. ..

“Spread like a wildfire”

Hancock said the “majority” of new variants in Bolton’s hospital were eligible for vaccination but did not come out before.

UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty warned at a press conference about the dangers of the B1.617.2 variant.

UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty warned at a press conference on Friday about the dangers of the B1.617.2 variant

He could “spread like a wildfire” among unvaccinated groups due to the high prevalence of Indian variants, so the government “needs to vaccinate as many people as possible.” There is. “

Health Minister defended government from criticism that it was too late to impose government Travel restrictions In India in the face of new varieties.

It was “totally wrong” to suggest that Britain could have acted earlier to designate India as a “Red List” country, which means that arriving travelers would have to quarantine at the hotel. He said.

He said India was subject to strict travel restrictions in April, before the variants were investigated.

He also rejected the proposal that acting delays were affected by a trip planned by Johnson in April to support post-Brexit trade negotiations.

“We make these decisions based on evidence,” he said. Johnson’s visit was eventually abandoned due to the surge in the Covid case in India.

Indoor hospitality and indoor entertainment, such as cinemas, museums and sports venues, are set to open on Monday for the first time in months in most parts of the UK.

Under the new measures, people and families can also meet in private homes where some restrictions are still applied, allowing limited international travel.

The government and experts cautioned against plans to lift the restrictions altogether on June 21st.

Hancock said “problems will occur” if Indian variants are 50% more infectious than the so-called Kent and British stocks that pushed Britain to the blockade in January.

“We are in a race between the vaccination program and the virus, and this new variant has given the virus some extra foot in that race, but we vaccine I will overcome it. ”

Britain competes for testing and vaccination as virus variants threaten plans

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