UCLA study shows fast food workers at high risk of contracting COVID-19 – Press Telegram

Los Angeles — Fast food workers face difficult working conditions during a pandemic and are at high risk of becoming infected with COVID-19, a new UCLA Labor Center survey released on Tuesday, January 4th. Reveals.

The report provides a detailed portrait of COVID-19 safety compliance through a lens of fast food workers’ accounts and testimony. According to a survey, the fast food sector in Los Angeles has about 150,000 restaurant workers. The majority of those workers are women and people of color who are at the forefront of implementing the COVID-19 protocol.

The report finds that many fast-food workers, despite being at the forefront of the pandemic, are not protected by legally entitled workplaces. Almost a quarter of fast food workers have been infected with COVID-19 in the last 18 months, and less than half have been notified by employees after being infected with COVID-19.

Tia Koonse, report author and manager of legal and policy research at the UCLA Labor Center, said: statement. “COVID-19 safety protocols such as paid sick leave reduce the incidence of employees in the front-line food service industry working during illness, but these measures were inadequate in this area. Only 47% of workers received paid sick leave when they or their colleagues were infected with the virus. “

Studies show that violations of labor standards in fast-food restaurants increased and worsened during the pandemic. Almost two-thirds of workers have experienced wage theft, more than half face health and safety risks at work, and 43% of workers are injured.

Angelica Hernandez, a McDonald’s worker in Los Angeles, said in a statement, “Fast food workers appear every day in the COVID-19 pandemic, endangering our lives and keeping the store open. And nourishes the community. ” “The company we work for calls us essential, but this report shows that keeping us disposable and keeping us in a dangerous and unsanitary condition increases the company’s profits. It shows that they have determined that it is worth it. But we are not silent. Colleagues and I have better working conditions and voices so that families and communities can be safe and prosperous. I will continue to fight for it. “

Saba Waheed, author of the report and research director at the UCLA Labor Center, said the study shows that fast food workers face a range of workplace challenges beyond COVID-19. I did.

“Half of the fast-food workers surveyed also experienced verbal abuse, and more than one-third experienced violence such as intimidation, racial injuries, and even assault,” Wahid said in a statement. “And this is in addition to dealing with wage theft, inadequate time, and other health and safety risks. The pandemic has highlighted how important this workforce is. And we need to tackle the deeper structural issues of the sector. “

UCLA study shows fast food workers at high risk of contracting COVID-19 – Press Telegram Source link UCLA study shows fast food workers at high risk of contracting COVID-19 – Press Telegram

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