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The UCLA team of researchers today announced the following: Predictive model to help guide public health authorities to which area In Los Angeles County, vaccine distribution should be prioritized based on: Resident COVID-19 risk.

The map and data of the model are publicly available and the survey is Title “COVID-19 Medical Vulnerability Indicator: Predictive, Local Data The model of impartiality in public health decision-making is International Environmental Health Journal.

According to the author, Dr. Vickie Mays of UCLA Fielding School The public health model “can guide public health authorities and locals. National leaders who make decisions using already available local data Which groups in which regions are the most vulnerable and which groups are protected from new damage Infection. “

Researchers say Los Angeles County is about to reopen completely In the midst of a pandemic, vaccines need to be delivered to endangered areas. The model map shows each area in the county based on inhabitants Existing medical conditions, barriers to medical access, built Environmental characteristics and socio-economic issues.

Areas with racial and ethnic minorities and low-income residents People who do not meet their social needs, especially those around South Los Angeles And the eastern San Fernando Valley are still vulnerable to COVID-19. To the model.

These areas, along with the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster, It’s not just that someone appears and says, “We’re here with the vaccine.” According to “you” Maze. “These are also in the same community. Educate about vaccines and develop a strategy focused on bringing households Incentives to elicit people together and to ask why they should Vaccine.This is especially important when working with blacks population. “

UCLA’s model is with whiter areas along the coast The northwestern part of the county is the most vulnerable.

According to Barbara Ferrer, director of the county’s public health department Vaccination rates for black and Latino communities on Wednesday The rest of the population, especially the younger age group.Most recent According to numbers, only 21% of blacks and 32% of Latinos Ages 16-17 have received at least one dose so far.That’s comparable to 51% 67% of Caucasian residents and Asian residents aged 16 to 17 years.

Only 24% of black residents aged 18-29 At least one dose and 37% of Latino populations.Among the white residents in it 54% in the group and 70% in Asia.

The low vaccination rate led to an increase in the vaccination rate. Black and Latino Infections, Hospitalizations, Deaths For the past few weeks, Ferrer said.

The county continues to expand its mobile vaccination efforts. We want to reach a community that has been hit hard. In addition to having financial incentives Provided by the state, the county offers people its own prizes Those who are vaccinated. The county expects to reach its goal in August. Eighty percent of counties over the age of 16 are at least partially vaccinated.

Public health officials had previously planned to reach the target in July.

Maze’s model on vaccine priorities focuses on Los Angeles County, Researchers say how Can be duplicated between US counties Researchers built using existing literature and the opinions of health professionals Data on existing conditions, barriers to access to health care, and construction Environmental risk of the model. Information on social vulnerabilities

Obtained from the 2018 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Social Vulnerability index.

“When a pandemic occurs, we have a lack of science Lack of understanding of how health inequalities arise in people’s lives Some of our most vulnerable people have increased the risk of COVID-19 infection It’s even bigger, “Maze said. “We thought of old people and people in elderly housing with care The most vulnerable Resources increase the chances of getting infected. In some cases it can be fatal. “

UCLA data and maps are open to the public at https://bit.ly/3g4fLDc.

UCLA Releases Model to Guide Which Areas Should Be Given Vaccine Priority  – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link UCLA Releases Model to Guide Which Areas Should Be Given Vaccine Priority  – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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