UC Merced students voicing concerns over dining hall food

MERCED, California (KFSN) – “Is it good? Is it not good? If it is not good, I do not take it.”

This is what the youngest Devin Verma thinks when he visits the restaurant booth on the UC Merced campus.

For students living on campus, the options are extremely limited due to the secluded location of the university.

This is why some UC Merced students have used social media to share photos of their inedible dishes from the dining room stand.

An Instagram account, the UC Merced Pavilion Food Review, is dedicated to sharing photos with health risks submitted by students.

The pictures show that it looks like raw chicken, hair, insects, and even worms in the food served by the students, which all have high costs.

Meal programs start at around $ 2,400 per semester and amount to almost $ 6,000 per academic year.

Junior Chirag Patla says he encountered food that was not fully cooked in the dining room, which staff contacted and replaced on the spot. Now, however, he remains skeptical.

“You just look like” Hi, is it fully cooked? “Is it clean? That’s about it,” he said.

Charles Nis, vice-chancellor for student affairs, says he eats often in the dining room.

“I’m just a little surprised by the pictures that were there because it was not my experience,” he said.

Nies says the university was first informed of the complaints in December, acknowledging that improvements need to be made.

“We just make more frequent local checks on food and food temperatures to make sure the food is well cooked,” he said.

Since then, the school has formed a student advisory group to collect feedback and generated a QR code that leads students to report direct food complaints or health concerns.

The dining room is not inspected by the county health department like a traditional restaurant. Instead, Neis says an inspector at UC Merced carries out weekly health checks.

UC Merced management encourages all students to bring any health or safety concerns to staff as soon as they discover them and report them to the campus health and safety department.

You can contact Nies at Cnies@ucmerced.edu. You can also contact dining@ucmerced.edu.

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UC Merced students voicing concerns over dining hall food Source link UC Merced students voicing concerns over dining hall food

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