Uber’s lost and found 2022 report includes tater tots, teeth and slime

SAN FRANCISCO – Uber has released a list of items left behind by passengers in cars and includes some really weird things like ragged kids and grandma’s teeth.

The company released the “Lost and Found Index 2022” on June 3, near the end of Mercury in retrograde, something astrologers believe affects oblivion, Uber said. The index is based on reports of missing items submitted by passengers.

Uber’s list of the 10 most frequently forgotten items will not surprise anyone. Includes phones, wallets, cameras, keys, vaporizers and other common things you can have in your pocket.

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Where things get weird is the list of the 50 most lost items. Believe it or not, the passengers left behind 500 grams of caviar, a bucket of mud, the Bernny Sanders fanny pack, 40 chicken nuggets, a pet turtle and a shrine with the ashes of a family member.

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Some items are found repeatedly. Uber said 40 riders left their CPAPs behind, 20 lost their gold or diamond-plated toothpicks, and more than 50 sports fans left their T-shirts behind.

Austin, Texas topped the list as the most memorable city for two years in a row. Phoenix, Arizona and Atlanta, Georgia were also on the list. The most forgotten days are Saturday and Sunday and the most forgotten are early in the evening, Uber said.

“People have been more forgetful than ever this year. As the world goes on again, we look forward to helping bring those lost items back – no matter how unique they may be,” said Lexi Levin Mitchel, senior communications director at Uber. . CNN.

The annual report, now in its sixth year, aims to remind passengers how to recover lost items using the Uber app.

Using an in-app function, riders can report lost items and contact drivers to recover them. The service costs $ 15 and covers the driver’s time and effort.

Of course, it is up to the passengers to decide if the ragged ones are worth the price.

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Note: The video at the top of this player is from the 2018 report

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Uber’s lost and found 2022 report includes tater tots, teeth and slime Source link Uber’s lost and found 2022 report includes tater tots, teeth and slime

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