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Simeon Gant, a Capitol resident and employee, posted a candlelight vigil on Facebook on Monday, April 4, in downtown Sacramento.

The Sacramento Police Department (Sac PD) made two arrests in a mass shooting that took place in the early hours of April 3 in downtown Sacramento.

Brothers, Dandrae Martin, 26, and Smiley Martin, 27, are in SAC PD custody.

Dandre Martin was charged Monday with assault and illegal possession of a firearm, according to Sac PD. The charges against Smiley Martin, who was hospitalized after injuries during the shooting, are possession of a firearm by a banned person and possession of a machine gun.

According to public records, the younger Martin has an unfulfilled arrest warrant in Riverside County for violating two probation terms related to his arrest for domestic violence in 2014.

Six people died in the shooting. The 12 survivors of the accident have minor to severe gunshot wounds. They are all in stable condition.

The investigation continues.

“We want to thank the community for the tremendous help that has been provided. To date, we have received over 100 videos and / or photo files provided through the Community Evidence Portal. We continue to encourage the community to use the community evidence portal to provide photos and videos directly to the department, “Sac PD said in a statement on April 4.

As the investigation progressed, the Sac PD Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) and other detectives handed out search warrants to three homes in an area not yet identified. At least one gun allegedly linked to the shooting has been found.

The shootings, which made headlines in the state and around the world, took place in an area near the California State Capitol, known for its restaurants and bars, a popular after-work place for politicians, officials and other government officials. At around 2:00 a.m., Sak PD officers responded to gunshots in the busy part of the center around 10 p.m.you and K Streets, four blocks east of Golden 1 Center, where the Sacramento Kings of the NBA play. More than 100 rounds of ammunition were reportedly fired into the crowd.

The dead are Sergio Harris, 38; Melinda Davis, 57; Jamile Martinez-Andrade, 21; Jontaya Alexander, 21; Joshua Hoye-Luquezi, 32; and 29-year-old DeVazia Turner.

Stevante Clark, a local activist, told California Black Media that two victims, Harris and Turner, were linked.

Clark said he was with Harris’s wife, Leticia Harris, when a Sack police captain, at Clark’s insistence, told her about her husband’s death. Clark said Ms. Harris had been “out all Sunday “, Trying to get information.

“It’s so sad. It breaks my heart,” Clark said. “It’s community violence.”

The Sacramento County Attorney’s Office will “review all relevant evidence in this investigation” to determine appropriate charges, PD Sac said.

On the afternoon of April 3, Sacramento Police Chief Katie Lester said a “stolen gun” had been found at the scene.

Sunday’s mass shooting is the second in Sacramento in less than two months. On February 28, five people were shot and killed after a man opened fire on a church in the state capital. The man shot his three children and a man who was with them before taking his own life.

No link has been established between mass shootings and organized crime, but gang activity in Sacramento is on the rise.

In November 2021, California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced the results of a multi-agency investigation into the activities of criminal street gangs in Sacramento, which led to a number of arrests.

Gangs in the area are said to be responsible for a series of violent crimes, including murder. A total of 26 people were arrested and more than 125 firearms were seized by state agents.

Most of the confiscated firearms are weapons of attack, including “ghost weapons”.

Ghost guns are non-serialized and untraceable firearms that can be purchased online and assembled. They are often sold through “ghost gun kits”.

Lester did not provide details about the stolen gun used in the last Sacramento shooting, but the SAC police chief said a high-velocity semi-automatic weapon was used.

“What happened is the biggest and latest example of what we all know,” Leicester told a news conference hours after the deadliest shooting in the city’s history. “Gun violence is indeed a crisis in our community and has increased not only here in Sacramento but throughout the country.

Two Suspects, Brothers, Arrested in Sacramento Mass Shooting – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Two Suspects, Brothers, Arrested in Sacramento Mass Shooting – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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