Two Charged with San Jose Smoke Shop Robbery Spree

Two men have been charged in the Santa Clara County Supreme Court in a month-long trip in which they held at least seven small businesses in San Jose – mostly smoke shops – to steal cash, cell phones and cigars at gunpoint, District Attorney Jeff Rosen announced today.

In one of the store robberies, one of the suspects held a gun to a customer, while another tore up the victim’s cell phone, pulling her from her wheelchair, according to the district attorney.

The defendants were prosecuted for a number of offenses of armed robbery:

  • Wishwood Beverly, a 19-year-old castrator, was arrested by San Jose police last week in Fresno. He was indicted on May 17. The court reduced the bail from $ 2 million to $ 250,000 due to the plaintiff’s objections.
  • Juan Gomez, also known as Eliezer Alvarez, 22, of eastern Palo Alto, was arrested in February and charged in March. He is in custody on $ 2 million bail.

“These men roamed this city, threatening the innocent and endangering lives,” Rosen said in a statement.

The journey began earlier this year, he said. The following are the allegations, according to the plaintiffs:

On Jan. 28, Beverly and Gomez, along with two other people, robbed the Sharkey Smoke Shop on Senter Street in San Jose. 30 minutes later, the same group robbed three people at the 99 Foot Spa located on West San Carlos Street in San Jose.

On February 7, Beverly and Gomez robbed the Kwikee Mart located on MKee Road in San Jose. The next day, Beverly and Gomez, along with a third suspect, robbed the Bryce smoke shop on Bryce Street in San Jose

On Feb. 8, Gomez and two other suspects robbed the McKee smoke store on McKee Street in San Jose. Six days later, on February 24, Beverly and Gomez, along with a third person, robbed the Santa Clara smoke shop on Santa Clara Street east of San Jose. Three days later, the couple plus another person robbed a discount store of cigarettes and cigars on McKee Street in San Jose.

Two Charged with San Jose Smoke Shop Robbery Spree Source link Two Charged with San Jose Smoke Shop Robbery Spree

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