Two case series describe acute pediatric hepatitis of unknown cause

Cases of acute hepatitis without knowing the cause of children are described in a series of two cases published online July 13 in New England Journal of Medicine.

L. Helena Gutierrez Sanchez, MD, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and colleagues identified 15 children (under age 18) with liver cancer admitted between October 1, 2021, and February 28, 2022: six with find out the reason for collecting without knowing the reason. Eight of them the sick without known cause tested positive for human adenovirus and were included in a series with an additional patient referred for payment. The researchers found that in six children. liver biopsies showed mild to moderate hepatitis, but no evidence of human adenovirus on immunohistochemical examination or electron microscopy. Three children had a positive liver polymerase chain reaction for human adenovirus. On a series of samples from five children, three different types of human adenovirus hexon 41 were identified.

Chayarani Kelgeri, MD, from Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom, and her colleagues conducted another event. previous analysis which involved 44 children aged 10 years or older with confirmed severe hepatitis that was not hepatitis A through E and had no genetic, genetic, congenital, or mechanical causes. The researchers found that the most common presenting symptoms were jaundice, vomiting, and diarrhea (93, 54, and 32 percent, respectively). 90 percent of the 30 patients tested positive for adenovirus. Six patients (14 percent) had liver failure, and all underwent surgery liver transplant. None of the patients died, and all were discharged home.

“Nobody wants to hear about a new virus that’s going to worry the world these days,” said the accompanying editorial writer. “However, it is not clear at all that this adenoviral strain is new, of increasing prevalence, or that it causes severe hepatitis and childhood hepatitis, since such data have not been collected not. children.”

Several authors from the Sanchez study and one author from the Kelgeri study described ties to the biopharmaceutical and medical device industry.

American doctors are on the front lines of the outbreak of hepatitis affecting children

Additional information:
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Two case series describe acute pediatric hepatitis of unknown cause Source link Two case series describe acute pediatric hepatitis of unknown cause

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