Two Bay Area counties advance to ‘red’ reopening tier – Times-Herald

Lower coronavirus case rates mean that the two Bay Area counties are moving from the most restrictive stages of California’s resumption system, officials said Tuesday.

San Mateo County and Marin County There are five throughout the state Moved from Purple layer on a color-coded scale, Indicates that the virus is “spreading” into the red layer, which means “substantial” spreading.

Three more Bay Area counties (Santa Clara, San Francisco, and Napa) are taking the same steps next week.

The relocation of San Mateo and Marin counties on Tuesday paved the way for restaurants to serve indoor meals with up to a quarter of their normal capacity. Mobile theaters and museums, which were exclusively for outdoor use such as restaurants, can be reopened indoors with 25% capacity. Jim can do the same with up to 10% capacity.

According to data compiled by the press, each of the two counties has an average of less than 100 new coronavirus cases per day. According to state data, each test positive rate is just above 2%.

On Tuesday, Yolo, Shasta, and Humboldt counties also went to the red layer, and Trinity county, which was in the orange layer, also returned to red.

In a bill signed Tuesday morning, Governor Gavin Newsom said eight more categories in California are on track to get out of the most restrictive stages next week.

Newsome didn’t name those counties, State data Santa Clara, San Francisco, and Napa were one of the cases and positive indicators needed to reach Red Tier this week. The California system requires counties to hit these marks for two consecutive weeks in order to move forward.

Two Bay Area counties advance to ‘red’ reopening tier – Times-Herald Source link Two Bay Area counties advance to ‘red’ reopening tier – Times-Herald

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