Tulare educator accused of sharing child pornography with child he was tutoring

FRESNO, California (KFSN) – Predators in orbit – in common view.

Via text messaging, Instagram, TikTok, video games – anything that allows communication.

For a Fresno County mom who chooses to remain anonymous, the annoying messages and social media messages between the 12-year-old and his teacher went on for months without him knowing it.

As soon as he picked up his phone at the weekend he discovered the inappropriate messages.

“It started as sports and school stuff,” he said. “Then little by little … he would try the limit here, he would try the limit there.”

Aaron Scott Jones, 27, was arrested by the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday after the boy’s mother told authorities about sexual material on her child’s phone.

“I felt sick to my stomach,” he said. “I felt physically sick seeing all these pictures. Everything Aaron sent was an inappropriate message – even a joke about being a pedophile.”

Jones now faces a felony charge of distributing child sexual abuse material to a minor.

He was placed on administrative leave from his job as a coach at Sequoia College in Vizalia and as a laboratory assistant for the home in the Tulare Joint Union High School District.

Sgt. Diana Trueba Vega with the Fresno Police Department says that it is more common for predators to come in the form of well-known adults who play credible roles in children’s lives.

He urges parents to anticipate danger for their children with a discussion, making it clear that they can talk to you about any interactions they have that make them feel uncomfortable.

“Talk to our children and explain to them that there are people who will try to get in touch with them through these channels,” he said.

Vega says security and surveillance applications on smartphones and devices are a great resource to stay on top of communications coming in and out of your kids’s devices.

Officials say that if you find something that seems inappropriate, you should report it immediately to law enforcement – even if you are not sure if it has been exceeded.

“Report any incident, even if they think it may not be a crime because a police officer may understand that it may be a crime,” Vega said.

Now, the anonymous mother has a message for parents: you oversee all online interactions between your children and people – even those you know.

“It really proved to me that you never know who it might be or when it could happen,” he said.

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Tulare educator accused of sharing child pornography with child he was tutoring Source link Tulare educator accused of sharing child pornography with child he was tutoring

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