Trump vaccine chief returns $3.9mn to GSK over sexual harassment claims

The former head of research and development at GlaxoSmithKline was forced to return $ 3.9 million in cash by the British drugmaker, after being accused of sexual harassment and misconduct towards an employee.

SlaughteredWho led the vaccination program for Covid-19 in the US Performs warp speed, Agreed to return the consideration from the stock incentives that passed in December. In its annual report released on Friday, GSK’s board said it had begun “backing provisions” as part of its repayment policy.

The refund directive refers to non-compliance with company policy and does not imply an admission of wrongdoing, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Said GSK last year That a law firm investigation has proven the allegations of sexual harassment over incidents that occurred several years earlier. Grace Spates, a Washington law firm partner in Morgan Lewis, known for her work on #MeToo misconduct in workplace cases, led the investigation.

By the time the claims were filed in February 2021, Slawi had already left most of his positions at the company. He then resigned from his remaining role, as chairman of a joint venture with Alphabet’s Verily, Galvani Bioelectronics. GSK also removed its name from its vaccine research and development facility.

Slawi did not respond Friday. Last year, he said he wanted to apologize “unreservedly” to the employee concerned, and he “deeply regrets” any distress caused. He took a leave of absence from his professional responsibilities, including retiring from European venture capital firm Medicxi.

“I have the great respect for my colleagues and feel terribly that my actions have brought a former colleague into an uncomfortable situation,” he said at the time.

The total stock options for Slawi was reported at about $ 10 million when he joined Warp Speed ​​in 2020.

Slawi has played an important role in investing in emerging Covid-19 vaccines and securing large contracts in advance for the US. He provided investment gains made in his early days in the charity vaccine initiative.

GSK did not respond to its annual report. Last year, she said in a statement that Selvey’s behavior was “completely unacceptable.”

Separately, GSK has changed its bonus policy for executives, narrowing down the potential rewards as the company yields low performance, but offering more if it outperforms its peers.

Under the new regime, CEO Emma Wolesley’s overall remuneration package will still be in the bottom quarter of global pharmaceutical company CEOs if it achieves exceptional performance.

Wolmsley was under pressure from activist investors to improve GSK’s drug pipeline. The company plans to eliminate its consumer health business in July, which will allow it to focus on pharma and vaccines.

Trump vaccine chief returns $3.9mn to GSK over sexual harassment claims Source link Trump vaccine chief returns $3.9mn to GSK over sexual harassment claims

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