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Washington — Sunday President Donald Trump seemed to admit Joe Biden’s victory over the White House for the first time, but he refused and said he would continue to overturn the election results. Mr. Trump’s remarks were made in a tweet containing some groundless allegations about the November 3 vote. State and federal officials say it is safe and secure.

Without using the names of Trump and Biden Tweeted “He won” Mr. Trump said the Democratic victory was only “eyes” in the media, but he had never said it publicly.

Biden has regained three Midwestern fierce battle states, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, defeating Trump and surpassing 270 votes in the Presidential Electoral College. Biden has so far received 77.5 million votes from Trump’s most winning candidates, compared to 72.3 million votes.

“If the president is ready to start recognizing that reality, that’s a positive thing,” Biden’s next Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Still, Crane said: “Donald Trump’s Twitter feed doesn’t make Joe Biden president or president. Americans did.”

The Republican governor said he was “really good” when he saw Trump’s tweet that Biden won. “I think that’s the beginning of the acknowledgments … I want to ensure a smooth transition,” Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas told NBC.

The president previously refused to accept the results of the election, and Sunday in a later tweetHe digs deeper again, saying, “I don’t admit anything! There’s a long way to go.” It looks like he’s admitting Biden’s victory, but he also said before because the election was “illegal.” Claimed without evidence that the Vice President had won. Trump then filed an unfounded complaint about pollster observer access and vote counting, claiming that “we will win!” Twitter immediately posted a warning label about the tweet.

There were no widespread scams in the 2020 elections. In fact, election officials from both parties have publicly stated that the elections went smoothly, and the International Observatory confirmed that there were no serious injustices.

The Trump campaign sought to raise legal issues nationwide, but many of the proceedings were dismissed and there is no evidence that the outcome could be reversed.

Almost two weeks after the election date, Trump made no phone calls or formal concessions to Biden, and White House officials claimed they were preparing for a second term.

Recently, Trump seemed to be approaching admitting the reality of his loss. In a comment on the coronavirus vaccine in Rose Garden on Friday, Mr. Trump said his administration “will not be blocked” to delay the spread of COVID-19, “what’s in the future?” If it happens, I know who will be in which administration, “he added. is there? You will know the time. “

Trump seems to acknowledge Biden win, but he won’t concede – Orange County Register Source link Trump seems to acknowledge Biden win, but he won’t concede – Orange County Register

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