Tropical Depression Nicholas moves into Louisiana

Today, a tropical cyclone, Nicholas is heading from eastern Texas to Louisiana, potentially raining a few inches on a state that has already recovered from a catastrophic hurricane.

Nicholas landed as a Category 1 hurricane early Tuesday morning near Sargent Beach, Texas. It continued to hug the coastline all day on Tuesday, losing wind speed as it gradually headed east.

Nicholas caused some problems with the Texas power grid. Currently not powered by 100,000 customers..

Nicholas is no longer packed with wind speeds when it first landed. Due to the high total rainfall, the storm continues to threaten the Texans and the Luizians. It rained 14 inches on Tuesday in Galveston, Texas, and 6 inches in nearby Houston.

National Weather Service predicts that parts of Louisiana will be available 10 inches of rain In the next few days.

Nicholas arrived in Louisiana only a few weeks after Hurricane Aida, one of the strongest storms in the state’s history, reached the coast. Ida devastated the state, knocked down trees, flooded and powered hundreds of thousands of people. Even after a few weeks, about 80,000 customers in the state are still out of electricity.

Entergy, a company that powers Louisiana, has Ida More damage to the power grid than any other hurricane in state history..

Tropical Depression Nicholas moves into Louisiana Source link Tropical Depression Nicholas moves into Louisiana

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