Triumphs on Snow and Ice: The Beijing Olympics

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Any individual Olympic achievement, or the color of a coveted medal that an athlete can win, can overshadow the true meaning of why Olympics compete and the lasting impression they leave.

Facing great challenges, Bobsled American Elana Meyers-Taylor was notable in Beijing.

Elana Meyers-Taylor, played softball at George Washington University, but failed to be part of the American team in that sport. Without being discouraged, he then tried a completely new sport, women’s bobsled. Four Winter Olympics later, Meyers-Taylor won her fifth Olympic medal, beating the great American speed skater Shani Davis.

On January 19thth, Meyers-Taylor, on arriving in Beijing, tested positive for COVID-19. She was initially selected to carry the U.S. flag during the opening ceremony, but was sent directly to quarantine isolation. He eventually gave up two negative tests and joined his teammates on the Olympic slide hill.

Meyers-Taylor quickly won silver in the first “Monobob” Olympic event and a bronze in the traditional bobsled.

The names of Erin Jackson and Brittany Bowe will always be connected

One of the most compelling stories that unfolded before the Beijing Games involved the kind gesture of American speed skater Brittany Bowe to her teammate Erin Jackson, two names that will always be connected. Jackson, the world’s number one speed skater in the 500 meters, failed to qualify for the tests. Bowe then relinquished his seat to Jackson, so that he could compete in his specialty in Beijing. Jackson soon won gold in the 500-meter speed skating as Bowe added his second Olympic bronze medal in the 1000-meter race.

Shaun White, the “Red Tomato,” synonymous with Olympic Half Pipe, completes his latest journey.

Born in the San Diego area as Elana Meyers-Taylor, Shaun White, also known as “Red Tomato,” has had a great career in the sport of snowboarding and is easily the most successful Olympic athlete of all time in the sport of Half Pipe. The five-time Olympic and three-time gold medalist, he fell short in his last Olympic race at Genting Snow Park.

White has announced his retirement from the Olympic competition in Genting

Shaun White’s natural skill, personality, and prolific career have created a snowboarding industry around the world. Known for gold medals on the biggest stages of both the “X Games” and the “Olympic Games”, he has always driven the progression of the sport for over 20 years. White announced his retirement from the Olympic competition after competing in Genting.

As the world looks on, younger, more compelling athletes are constantly emerging

For girls everywhere, especially those of color, Olympic performances can inspire the next generation. As the world looks on, new and more attractive athletes are constantly emerging. Erin Jackson’s persistent desire to “go fast” led her to win an Olympic gold medal in the 500-meter speed skating final. Both Karen Chen and Alysa Liu had impressive performances in Figure Skating Free Dance, but fell far short of the podium in Beijing.

Vanessa James of France, one of the few black skaters in her sport, competed at a high level in the figure skating couples event in Beijing. Maame Binet, born in Ghana, one of the best short track skaters in the US. In the US, he did not win a medal in Beijing, but performed well in all of his races, while continuing his international and Olympic career.

Triumphs on Snow and Ice: The Beijing Olympics Source link Triumphs on Snow and Ice: The Beijing Olympics

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