Travelers adjust to new COVID testing requirements

San Diego — All travelers entering the United States, regardless of vaccination status or nationality, certify that the COVID-19 test is negative within one calendar day of the departure flight, including those over the age of two. Must be submitted.

David Rabinov, who arrived at San Diego International Airport from Cabo San Lucas, New requirements Just before his trip, he says it was surprisingly easy to get it done.

“The hotel was able to set up all the testing facilities on the premises, so we took a negative test within 24 hours of the flight,” he said.

It seemed easy for known tourist destinations for American travelers, but for other poorer countries, a 24-hour time frame can be a challenge.

Michael Singer, who returned from Colombia, said, “You are waiting in a long line without a distance. This shows all the jokes.” “You enter a room and a small lab on the airport grounds, they wipe the swabs with a swab and send you an email within 24 hours.”

If a traveler takes a negative test, it should be presented to the traveling airline as part of the check-in process. Previously, travelers had to show a negative test three days before boarding the plane, but last week an international warning was announced about President Joe Biden, a new variant of Omicron, so new travel rules. Was enacted.

“That is, you have a QR code on your online cell phone, check in before you arrive at the airport, and when you arrive at the airport, make sure you’re on the plane,” says Rabinov.

The test must meet CDC requirements such as the gold standard PCR and the antigen test, commonly known as rapid testing. The home kit must be affiliated with a telemedicine provider who can see the results.

Travelers adjust to new COVID testing requirements Source link Travelers adjust to new COVID testing requirements

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