Travel warning: Those coming into SF required to quarantine for 10 days

San Francisco, CA (KRON) – Warning ahead of vacation season, anyone Come to san Francisco A 10-day quarantine is required, including locals entering and exiting the Bay Area.

Travelers are not surprised. Those who talk to will stay in San Francisco for at least 10 days.

Some even plan ahead with good health in mind.

“I already knew that 14th would be forced to quarantine, so I already had that in mind. I didn’t mean to go outside where I was staying,” Anthony Le said. Told.

Anthony Le is visiting from San Diego and has taken additional safety precautions before boarding.

“I did a full test with a cotton swab. I did it just before the trip to check before boarding the plane,” Le said.

The CDC is urging people not to travel, not just local health authorities.

“We are in a serious situation in San Francisco, but unfortunately we are in the worst situation elsewhere. This is the risk that people traveling outside San Francisco and visitors from other areas will be infected and spread the virus. Means much higher, “says Dr. Grant Corfax.

Dr. Grant Corfax, Health Director of San Francisco New order on Thursday – From Friday – Visitors returning to San Francisco from outside the Bay Area must be quarantined for 10 days.

Torrance Canadi has just arrived at SFO and didn’t know about ordering a new trip, but says he plans to stay in San Francisco for nearly two weeks. He was in the Navy and away from his wife.

“It was hard because it was just stressful and we would only be away from each other for another eight months after the vacation,” Canadi said.

Regarding enforcement, city officials are planning to educate people first, expecting businesses and residents to implement the “honor system” and comply with new travel orders.

You can get information about your order at the baggage claim area. Airport authorities are also focusing on educating incoming passengers.

“When you arrive at the plane to SFO, you’ll see the PA system announcements and signs everywhere. You can also sign in to the Wi-Fi splash page and you’ll see all this information. We really want people coming to SFO to understand what’s happening here now, “said spokesman Doug Yakel.

There is a limited exemption for important activities and new orders do not apply for connecting flights to SFO.

Orders will be placed on Friday at 12:01 AM. It lasts at least until January 7th.

Travel warning: Those coming into SF required to quarantine for 10 days Source link Travel warning: Those coming into SF required to quarantine for 10 days

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