Trade on Ukraine & Russia? How to Handle This Stock Market Correction

Watching the markets right now reminds me of a classic movie I watched as a kid: Godzilla.

In this classic from 1954 (forget about the recent CGI events), you see crowds running for safety while Godzilla sows destruction in Tokyo. I imagine Wall Street traders behaving the same way during this stock market correction.

But as smart investors, we should not react like that.

A laundry list of events is hitting markets right now: conflict in Eastern Europe, inflation and the Federal Reserve’s planned interest rate hikes.

In this episode of The bull and the bear, I’m telling you that while the market is going down, this is not the time to panic. Instead, let’s see what trends tell us about such events.

Here’s what you need to do now during this stock market fix.

Stock market correction: It went down but not out

Yes, the market is going down.

From its peak on January 3, 2022 to February 22, the S&P 500 was down 10.07% – putting it in correction territory (with an index or stock falling 10% from its most recent high).

My message to you is simple: this is not the time to cut and run or trade in headlines.

In this episode of The bull and the bearI’ll tell you what to do in stock market repair.

The bull and the bear

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Trade on Ukraine & Russia? How to Handle This Stock Market Correction Source link Trade on Ukraine & Russia? How to Handle This Stock Market Correction

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