Top NY state senate leader says Gov. Andrew Cuomo should resign ‘for the good of the state’

Two top Democrats in New York’s parliament withdrew support for Governor Andrew Cuomo on Sunday as sexual harassment allegations increased and underestimated the death of COVID-19 in nursing homes.

Senate leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​has become the state’s first senior Democrat and said the third governor should resign. Parliamentary Speaker Karl Hasty has stopped asking Cuomo to resign, but in a statement, “It’s time for the governor to seriously consider whether he can effectively meet the needs of the people of New York. I’m here. “

On Saturday, another woman working for Cuomo publicly accused him of improper behavior, following other allegations in recent weeks.

“Every day, I have another account away from government operations,” Stewart Cousins ​​said in a statement. “New York is still in the midst of this pandemic and faces the social, health and economic implications of it. We need to govern daily without distraction for the benefit of the state. In addition, Governor Cuomo must resign. “

Her push for his resignation came shortly after Sunday’s press conference, where Cuomo said it was “anti-democratic” to resign.

“They can’t invalidate the will of the people, nor can they invalidate the elections,” Kuomo said in a conference call with reporters when asked about members of his party seeking to resign. .. “I was elected by the people of New York. I was not elected a politician.”

In a short conversation on Sunday before the press conference, Cuomo told Stewart Cousins ​​that he wouldn’t quit, and that if they wanted him to be absent, they would impeach him. call. The person spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the phone was intended to be private.

Cuomo said the next six months will determine how well New York will get out of the coronavirus pandemic. “You won’t be distracted because you have too much to do for people,” he said, and the state must pass the budget within three weeks and administer an additional 15 million COVID-19 vaccines. He said it wouldn’t be.

When asked about Analis, who told The Wall Street Journal in an article published Saturday, when he was working as a policy aide to the governor between 2013 and 2015, Cuomo called her a “lover” and her. He kissed his hand and asked personal questions such as whether she had one, and boyfriend Cuomo said such a story was “my way of making friendly jokes.”

He acknowledged the evolution of social norms and said, “I didn’t mean to offend anyone.”

Squirrel told the journal that he initially considered Kuomo’s actions harmless and never filed a formal complaint, but he felt that it was increasingly annoying and patronizing her.

“Actually, it’s not appropriate in any situation,” she said. “I wish he took me seriously.”

Karen Hinton, a former press aide to Cuomo, who was the Federal Secretary of Housing under President Bill Clinton, said in an article published Saturday in the Washington Post about the unpleasant hotel room interaction with Cuomo. I explained in detail. Hinton said she gave her a hug of “very long, too long, too tight, too intimate” as she left.

She described this encounter as “power play” for “operation and control” rather than sexual harassment. She was no longer an aide to Cuomo at the time.

Asked about Hinton’s explanation on Sunday, Cuomo said it was “not true” and that the two had been political adversaries for many years.

Cuomo’s work behavior has recently been closely monitored as he has been publicly told that he is sexually harassed, or at least insulted and offended by Cuomo. The state attorney general is investigating.

Former Advisor Lindsey Boylan, 36, he said he made inappropriate comments about her appearance, kissed her with her lips at the end of the meeting, and played a game of strip poker while sitting with other aides on a jet flight. Proposed.Another former aide, 25-year-old Charlotte Bennett, Cuomo She has had sex with an older man And she made other comments that she interpreted as measuring her interest in the case.

Another woman who did not work in the state said: Cuomo puts his hand on her face After they met at the wedding, he asked if he could kiss her.

At a press conference last week Cuomo denied touching anyone Inappropriate, but apologize for upsetting people by acting in the way he just noticed. He said he was as playful as when his father Mario Matthew was governor, joking and asking personal questions to greet people frequently with hugs and kisses. I did.

Top NY state senate leader says Gov. Andrew Cuomo should resign ‘for the good of the state’ Source link Top NY state senate leader says Gov. Andrew Cuomo should resign ‘for the good of the state’

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