Top 10 states where you’re most likely to see a UFO revealed

MYSTERIOUS objects swinging through the sky have long been a source of fascination around the world.

Dozens of reported UFO sightings are recorded every year in the US – and now the states where you are most likely to find one have been discovered.


Tens of thousands of UFO sightings have been reported in the US since records beganCredit: Getty


UFOs have become a hot topic in Washington – steps rejected as a fringe conspiracy theory after a serious national security debate.

U.S. intelligence officials and soldiers have all been on record in recent years over the mysterious phenomena.

In a historical report of the Pentagon last year, 143 public sightings by the army since 2004 remain unexplained.

Sighting data from since records began until now have been analyzed from all 50 states by GreatLakeStakeswith one clear winner.

California is the UFO capital of the US, with a staggering 15,072 sightings reported in the Golden State.

And it looks like California is ahead when it comes to UFO reports, because Florida is a fair lag behind in second place, with 7,513 sightings.

Washington comes third with 6,720, Texas fourth with 5,631 observations, New York fifth with 5,403 reports and Arizona with 4,604.

The top ten finishes are Pennsylvania with 4,592 observations, Ohio with 4,110, Illinois with 4,025 and Michigan with 3,383.

At the opposite end of the scale are North Dakota and South Dakota, which have recorded just 264 and 355 reports since the records began.

But despite California’s mammoth UFO report record, the crown for the spookiest state goes to Texas thanks to its enormous number of ghost sightings.

The Deep South region has 7,382 reported observations on record, with California, Ohio and Michigan lagging behind with 6,973, 2,903 and 2,704 each, respectively.

And, by combining paranormal experiences with the population of each state, your chances of seeing something supernatural are highest in Maine – followed by Vermont and Montana.

It comes to the The Pentagon could not provide an explanation for 143 observations of “unidentified aerial phenomenon” (UAP) which were investigated after being reported by pilots.

The highly anticipated report on UFOs last year explained only one single sighting – a hot air balloon.

Meanwhile, an expert has warned Russian and Chinese military drones could explain mysterious saber UFO sightings.

Nick Pope, who investigated UFOs for the British government, said the issue of unidentified aerial phenomena had “gone dark” since the Pentagon report was published in June.

Pope told The Sun: “The UFO community is bringing down the debate because you have to believe they are aliens or drones.

“I think the real world is more nuanced than that. It’s not a binary situation and it’s perfectly possible to imagine a scenario where the observations could be both Chinese and Russian drones and aliens. It’s not like these are each other rule out.”

The former Defense Ministry official said the UFO debate was becoming “simple” because of “human nature”.

Pope warned that the US could stand behind its rivals in an attempt to explain the mysterious observations.

In one reported sighting, a JetBlue pilot apparently tracked down what he said was a UFOs “transform” into the air 37,000 feet above Texas.

And in December last year, The Sun reported how a video shot from an airliner cockpit appeared showing a fleet of 12 UFOs flying in formation.

The pilot who shot the images is shockingly heard reacting to the horrific lights that appeared and then disappeared in clouds over the Pacific Ocean.

Top 10 states where you’re most likely to see a UFO revealed Source link Top 10 states where you’re most likely to see a UFO revealed

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