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Congratulations to Michael R. Jackson on his Tony Award for Best Musical Book (photo by Lindsay Root)

Only 16 individuals in history have achieved EGOT in racing categories and now Jennifer Hudson is 17th and she has achieved rare status with her victory with Tony for producing “Strange Cycle”.

“EGOT” refers to creative people who have won Emmys, Grammys, Oscars and Tony, and notable personalities who have won all four awards include Rita Moreno, John Legend, Alan Menken, Mike Nichols, Mel Brooks, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Upie Goldberg.

Hudson won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Dreamgirls (2006) and won two Grammy Awards – one for Best Musical Theater Album for The Color Purple (2017) and another for Best Supporting Actress. best R&B album for her self-titled album (2009) – as well as a living Emmy for producing the VR-animated film “Baba Yaga”.

She has an interesting connection to the 75th Tony Awards because this year she hosted another Oscar-winning supporting actress, Ariana DeBoss, who won the award (this year) for her performance in West Side Story.

“Strange Line” won 11 nominations in all categories, including L Morgan Lee for Best Actress in a Musical, making Lee the first transgender person to be nominated for a Tony and being named Best Musical, while “The Lehman Trilogy” won for the best game. “Company” won the best revival of a musical, and “Take Me Out” won the best revival of a play.

Ariana DeBose (photo courtesy)

Host Ariana Deboubs commanded the stage, and the ceremony unfolded with the power and brilliance of Broadway that one would expect from the Broadway community.

“What a season it was,” Deboz said in his opening monologue. “For many of you, it was a roller coaster ride – stopping, stopping, dramatic twists and turns.” After being closed for nearly two years due to COVID, there was no question that the 75th performance would be big, bold and flawless.

Entering the saying that “the show should go on”, about 34 shows premiered on Broadway this season and 29 of them received at least one nomination for Tony. This is an example of pure determination and collective problem solving.

Miles Frost won the lead male role in a musical for his captivating performance as Michael Jackson in “MJ”, while the best lead actress in a music award went to “Paradise Square’s”

Tony Award winner for leading actress in a musical, Joaquina Kalukango. (Photo by Lindsey Root)

Joaquin Kalukango, whose brilliant performance of the anthem of the show Let it burn “ it was an emotional thunder right in the heart of the ceremony. Paradise Square takes seriously the conflict between Irish Americans and African Americans during the Civil War, part of the story that Kalukango talks about in his speech.

“Thanks to the nameless ancestors who suffered,” Kalukango said. “This song, this show gives strength to that.”

Supporting actor in the play went to Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Gray’s Anatomy) for his good performance as an accountant who became a baseball fanatic in “Take Me Out”, and the great Filisha Rashad won best supporting actress in a play for her role as a fighter factory worker at Skeleton Crew. Rashad entered history textbooks in 2004 when she became the first African-American actress to win the Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for Raisins in the Sun, her second victory in three nominations.

Philicia Rashad (photo by Lindsay Root)

The mesmerizing Pati Lupone took home his third Tony, the supporting actress in a musical, for his portrayal of a heavy drinker as a “lunch lady” at the Company. Prior to that, she won for “Evita” (1981) and the revival of “Gypsy” (2008). LuPone colleague Matt Doyle chose a statuette for Best Supporting Actor for his show-stopping work at Company, the pinnacle of which was his interpretation in the twisting language of Getting Married Today.

Now, under the influence of Strange Loop, which has been hotly acclaimed by critics, is the deeply personal story of an African-American gay man who writes a musical about an African-American gay man while writing a musical. This simple but extremely entertaining play won the Pulitzer Prize in 2020 after being played off Broadway.

Let’s talk about the herd of elephants that lived in the Broadway community room, and that’s the fact that Broadway – which has historically been dominated by white creators – has been repeatedly called to the carpet to answer the lack of variety and opportunities for color. creative. And before I impose more, dear family, we can NEVER give up the pressure, never and for whatever reason. As early as 2022, this business with white men was under pressure to raise more diverse voices, and this new surge of energy seems to be working (today). This is reflected in the variety of shows that were nominated and won Tony, as a record number of productions of African-American playwrights premiered during the season.

Strange Line creator Michael R. Jackson used his acceptance speech to emphasize the importance of the kind of performance achieved this season.

“I felt invisible, I felt inaudible, I felt misunderstood and I just wanted to create a little life raft for myself as a black gay man to try to survive the day,” he said, explaining why he turned his life to art. you are.

Click here to see the full list of Tony Award winners.

Lindsay Root contributed to this report.

Tony Awards 2022 – It was the Whole Vibe! – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Tony Awards 2022 – It was the Whole Vibe! – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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