Tom Girardi BLASTS Conservatorship in Court: Dissolve It! FREE TOM!

In the second half of 2020, the world I was stunned by Erika Jayne’s divorce notice..

She and Tom Girardi seemed to get married forever.

Since then, her embarrassed ex has lost his legal license and has been placed under the power of attorney.

In court this week, Tom spoke for the first time about his new situation.

On Wednesday, June 9, an 82-year-old former lawyer attended a virtual court hearing.

Tom dealt with the situation in court via remote video chat.

“Obviously, I don’t fully agree with the power of attorney,” Tom announced.

Tom’s brother, Robert Girardi, was under control of his man, his property, and his finances.

Tom shared that he plans to end the power of attorney.

This is notorious for being difficult to achieve.

“I think we should summarize why the power of attorney should be disbanded,” Tom suggested.

“And we’ll deal with it and we’ll deal with the courtroom,” he laid out.

Tom continued. “For now, I have nothing to say to the court.”

Despite Tom’s opposition, the judge ruled in favor of the power of attorney system.

Robert is responsible for Tom’s health, healthcare and daily transactions.

The greater responsibility of managing Tom’s property and finances can be equally complex and complex.

Tom was put under this temporary protection in February.

It was when his brother was first responsible for his daily activities and personal care.

If Tom is looking for someone to blame for this situation, he may be just one of his own lawyers.

In December 2020, one of Tom’s lawyers reported to the court that Tom was hospitalized for a “serious illness.”

At that time, questions were raised about Tom’s psychic and legal abilities.

In March, court documents revealed that Tom was diagnosed with late-onset Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi

In November 2020, the world learned that Erica had applied for a divorce from Tom.

After 20 years of marriage, this was an amazing development.

Over and over again, Erica was seen advocating and admiring her marriage to a fellow housewife.

“After some thought, I decided to stop marrying Tom Girardi,” Erica said in a statement at the time.

“This is not a light or easy step,” she admitted.

“I love and respect Tom very much, and for our years and the life we ​​have built together,” Erica asserted.

“It is my absolute wish to proceed with this process with respect,” Erica said.

“And with the privacy that both Tom and I deserve,” she added.

Erica then asked: “I ask others to give us that privacy.”

But that wasn’t the end.

The following month, Tom and Erica were accused of fraud and embezzlement.

The two were accused of deceiving a $ 2 million settlement for widows and orphans.

In addition, the company suing the couple claimed that the divorce was “just a fake.”

Erica was accused of “attempting to illegally protect Tom and Erica’s money.”

The move was reportedly to protect money “from those trying to recover the debt owed by Tom and his law firm.”

Tom was sued again later in the same month.

The allegations were that his company violated a written agreement and conversation with Wells Fargo Vendor Financial Services.

The bank giant demanded immediate payment of $ 882,715 to settle unpaid invoices.

Tom Girardi BLASTS Conservatorship in Court: Dissolve It! FREE TOM! Source link Tom Girardi BLASTS Conservatorship in Court: Dissolve It! FREE TOM!

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