Tom Brooks and Mariah Fineman: Are They Still Engaged?

For years, The 90-day-old groom viewers have struggled to like Tom Brooks.

It’s not just that she was dating Darcey Silva, even though her men’s tastes seem to make it a red flag in itself.

Even now, years after the breakup with Darcey, Tom has many critics … but still many people follow his life.

Tom and Mariah are still strong … and they’re either engaged or want everyone thinks they are.

Tom Brooks entered the world of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days as Darcey Silva’s second bride in the series.

Darcey continues to search for love in all the wrong places (and also in Europe), and TLC continues to search for mandatory drama.

Although Mariah Fineman was not Tom’s rebound after Darcey, she has now been dating her for years.

Tom has been teasing his engagement with Mariah for months.

Rumors followed them as early as 2021, when they had been dating for many months

However, in January 2022, Tom actually launched the engagement rumors in the heaviest way possible.

Tom Brooks shows a diamond ring on the IG

“[Mariah]so many people keep asking if we are going to get married, ”Tom wrote on Instagram.

“I’ve had the ring for a while,” he admitted along with a silly video where the ring was prominently displayed.

“#vintage #tiffany,” Tom marked his subtitles … without actually announcing anything.

Then in February, Tom stepped things up.

He praised his “victory” in the caption of himself with Mariah.

This image stood out from the crowd as Mariah presented the diamond ring in a wildly subtle way.

All of this looks exactly like an engagement.

However, without official confirmation as “see this state” of their marriage, and we can’t really confirm it.

They live together after Tom moved to Las Vegas to be closer to him.

As long-time fans remember, Tom and Mariah had to maintain a long-distance relationship in the summer of 2020.

At the time, free travel between the United States and the United Kingdom was restricted due to the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not everyone has kept up with them … but a lot of people are playing at the moment, for good reason.

The couple will soon make their debut The 90-day-old groom concession.

Do not worry; they are not one of them the The 90-day-old groom Season 9 pairsalthough Mariah is American and Tom British.

Instead, they appear 90-day diariesone of the countless spinoffs in the series.

This Discovery Plus spinoff basically only allows viewers to follow Tom and his actions.

That, of course, includes Mariah.

Hopefully Tom and Mariah don’t have enough drama and interpersonal problems to earn an entire season, but a little refreshment with the fans should be nice to see.

It is possible that Tom and Mariah have feared their position in this mind.

They may want to avoid confirming anything before everything appears on Discovery Plus.

An on-screen notification can get more viewers, which will help the show, but can also help Tom and Mariaha come back for more content.

Tom Brooks and Mariah Fineman: Are They Still Engaged? Source link Tom Brooks and Mariah Fineman: Are They Still Engaged?

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