Tips for ios game development

Apple’s platform is hugely popular and attracts aspiring mobile game developers. Let’s figure out what tools a beginner will have to learn in order to create another hit for the AppStore.

Tips for ios game development

iOS is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Installed only on Apple devices, it has virtually no compatibility issues. The AppStore is used by more than 100 million users per day – such traffic gives a novice game developer a serious motivation to create an application. In a short overview, we’ll cover the basics of ios game development.

What to study if you don’t know anything?

To learn programming in general, and in particular for iOS, you need to know quite a lot. Math, logic, algorithms and data structures may not be useful in the beginning, but they will definitely be needed later. It is also not necessary to perfectly know the architecture of computers and mobile devices, but it is highly desirable to understand the basics of computer science (calculus systems, the speed of programs and the effectiveness of algorithms).

Having mastered the basics, proceed to an in-depth study of the iOS / iPadOS operating systems. And of course you need knowledge of one of two programming languages: Objective-C or Swift.

Convenient gaming platforms and tools for creating mobile games

In addition to the two most popular engines (Unity and Unreal engine 4), there are a number of good platforms for developing games for iOS:

GameMaker is a set of tools for creating a continuous game with a drag-and-drop interface and export of various tools. The system has its own built-in JavaScript-like scripting language that allows you to export your game directly to the iOS platform.

Using Stencyl, you can create 2D games without any coding skills. It is a game engine that allows you to develop applications for iOS, Windows, Linux or OS X by simply moving blocks of code.

LiveCode is a powerful platform for creating your own games and applications. With the help of various widgets, extensions and libraries, you can speed up the development process. This is a good option for teaching beginner programmers.

Cocos 2D. Free software for game development. The construction of logic is implemented by moving sprites. Provides realistic physics to 2D objects.

How to create a game? A few tips for beginners

To get started building iOS games, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Plan. Think over everything to the smallest detail – the plot, physics, logic, the implementation of objects and magic buns, fixing the sequence of your future actions in a certain document.
  2. Graphics. The entire graphical interface of the game is easily implemented using special engines and libraries discussed in the previous paragraph. If you want to create a unique design, here are some useful tools with ready-made solutions: Assembly, Canva, Lighto, Font Candy, PicLab.
  3. Sounds, music, dialogues. You can create all the soundtrack yourself, but it’s easier to use ready-made developments from popular libraries: PXL APPS, Sound Kit for Prototypes, octave, etc.
  4. Dynamics. Writing code is essential to bring characters to life. However, the nocode frameworks described above with a block drop service are also fine.
  5. Testing. You can run a ready-made application yourself, but without a fresh, unbiased look, it will be difficult to create something worthwhile. There are many testing companies – testflight, firebase, AWS Device Farm, etc. The choice is up to you.
  6. After testing, take the time to fix all the minor bugs. Believe me, it’s much more pleasant to receive positive reviews from app users.

Tips for ios game development

Useful learning materials

  • Apple’s official guide for first-time developers. Here you will learn about setting up Xcode, structuring your application, implementing it, and submitting it to the App Store.
  • IOS programming basics.
  • Apple development videos. A great resource for learning tricks and getting started with a basic set of tools.
  • API capabilities. An overview of the various APIs for accessing app extensions, Touch ID, Photos, HealthKit, and more. Information about integrating advanced features into the application.
  • Apple’s UIKit framework documentation. The information will be useful for both beginners and professionals.
  • List of open source iOS apps hosted on GitHub.
  • Apple’s article on optimizing app performance.

If you have an idea for a game for IOS, but you do not know how to create it correctly, or you do not have enough time for it, then Whimsy will always help you, doing the job in the best possible way.



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