Time to Vote in Gubernatorial Recall Election

Early voting will continue at the San Diego County Voter Registration Office in Kearney Mesa.Photo by Chris Stone

Tuesday is the deadline for voting in the California Governor’s Recall Election, and voters can vote at one of the 221 voting locations in the county, or at the San Diego County Registry Office until 8 pm.

If you still have a mail ballot, you can return it to one or any of the 131 ballot drop-off locations.The ballot drop-off site is also open until 8 pm

Voters lined up at the voting or drop-off locations at 8 pm can vote. However, no one will be able to vote after the 8 pm deadline.

All direct voters in this election use ballot marking equipment. Voters use the touch screen to make selections. When finished, voters will print the official ballot on the paper of their choice. Voters can check the ballot, put it in the ballot box, and count at the registration office on election night. This device does not store, aggregate, or count votes.

The ballot marking device complies with American Disability Law, and voters can use English or any of the four federal government-covered languages ​​of the county (Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese, Chinese). You can select the ballot translated in.

Time to Vote in Gubernatorial Recall Election Source link Time to Vote in Gubernatorial Recall Election

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