TikTok users think they’ve found the world’s smartest pig

Is this the smartest pig in the world?A pot-bellied pig became a TikTok sensation by pressing a button with its nose to say ‘I love you’ and then ‘ride’ its owner’s pet rat


A cute pet pig has become a TikTok sensation after learning how to

A cute pet pig has become a TikTok sensation after learning how to “talk” through buttons to communicate his needs. 8 month old mini her viet her potbelly her pig marlin can beg for food, water, walks and she even tells her owners that she loves them. Dubbed “the smartest pig in the world,” he can even use a litter tray and befriends his fellow pet rats.

Merlin now has over 1 million followers on TikTok and Instagram, as his owner, 25-year-old Mina Arari from San Jose, Calif., explains. Or when he’s thirsty, and when he’s out, we’re out. Unexpectedly, he learned it all very quickly, she continues: Merlin is the smartest, loveliest, most dramatic, stubborn piglet ever.

A self-professed animal lover, social media manager Mina has dreamed of owning a pig since she was a child. And she said that her dream became a reality when she bought a little Marlin in March of this year for $380 (£350). She said: “I always wanted a pig. People’s reaction when they see a cute dog is what I’ve always felt about pigs. When I was a kid, I went to petting zoos just to see pigs.” They were so smart and so cute that I thought they would adopt one day. , and befriended her bearded dragon Mochi, who sadly passed away last month.He also snuggled up to her in bed, appearing to learn commands such as “sit”, and his It showed how smart and warm-hearted he is.

Mina noticed this and started teaching him how to use the cat litter box. And, hoping to train Merlin to speak, she bought a button that could be programmed with pre-recorded messages. Each button has a different message that allows Merlin to communicate with Mina, such as asking for food or water, going for a walk, or singing and dancing together. Some say that Merlin says “I love you” every time Mina feels sad.

Mina said it took more than a day to train him by rewarding him with treats and kisses. If he does something, I repeat the words over and over. She added, “He knows music and dance, so I’ll either start singing or pick him up and twirl.” I started posting videos. And she quickly gained her million followers from animal lovers around the world. She also said she felt like a celebrity when she started walking around the block.

She said, “For the first week, everyone was stopping me to take pictures and pet him, so I felt like a celebrity. The way Merlin wags his tail like a dog and smiles like a human when he’s happy. He loves to play with and carries two rats on his back when they patrol the house together.

Mina said, “Merlin is very friendly with rats, so when I took my rat out to play, he would carry it on my back. I want to get a dog someday.I think they will get along well with each other.

Mina’s cataloged videos of her adventures and training on TikTok have amassed hundreds of millions of views. Merlin is so adorable that many people have written to vegetarian Mina saying she can no longer eat bacon, and she even posted videos of Mochi, the bearded dragon she used to train herself. I shared it on TikTok. Mina added that she “just wants to make videos that are as cute and wholesome as possible.”

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