This Is Us Finally Revealed What Happens to Kate and Toby in the Future

That’s why the episode was so heartbreaking – to see someone else with your kids and what could have been and what couldn’t. But it also becomes so good that they found a way to live together.

When you’re at the beginning of a terrible, painful marriage or divorce process, it feels unbelievable that you could ever get into that state. In our room, people shared stories of what it felt like to go on that journey and get to the bottom of the feeling of peace, joy and happiness, and the feeling that the right decision had been made for everyone. It was really interesting and exciting to capture that journey and start them from that very, very broken, sad place and take them to a place we think is really beautiful.

Are we going to see how Toby ends up with his wife in the future? We saw she had a wedding ring, and there was a woman next to her as they looked at Jack in the future.

We won’t see much of them other than what we saw in the little cafe where we saw their meeting cute.

Wait, was it the same woman she ended up with?

Yes, it’s the woman she ends up with. [Editor’s note: The character’s name is Laura, and the actor who plays her in both scenes is Alexis Krause.] We can’t go too deep, but you can see little clues as the two of them enjoy a very beautiful and joyful relationship.

It was interesting to see Rebecca Kate and Phillip at the engagement party because we haven’t seen her much of the present time before we get to a deep future. How much do we get to live in that state with Rebecca, at that time during Kate and Phillip’s engagement, that is, what is five years after Toby and Kate’s divorce?

Yes, roughly. We’re definitely going to live a little more with him in that state. It’s interesting. We discussed whether it’s worth spending that moment there because the episode is obviously so full. But it was important for us to give everyone little clues as to what was coming and what we were going to see. Mandy, as always, did a great job of telling things in a very subtle and underestimated way. You can feel that progress has taken place and that he is not working at exactly the same level as before.

By the way, has there ever been a discussion about her hugging Phillip? You feel like maybe he doesn’t know who he is first, and then he says his name.

We hadn’t thought about it. I think the most important thing for us was to show that there has been this change in his condition, but that he is still able to recognize him and know who he is and share today. We really wanted to show that he can still do that at this point in his life. But it seems at the right level to show that he still has that recognition.

This Is Us Finally Revealed What Happens to Kate and Toby in the Future Source link This Is Us Finally Revealed What Happens to Kate and Toby in the Future

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