‘This is only the beginning’: San Marcos High School celebrates graduation

More than 470 San Marcos High School graduates moved their tassels to the left and then threw their hats in the air on Friday.

SMHS celebrated its graduation in front of a packed crowd of friends and family inside the University of Texas’ Strahan Arena.

The monk Jeremy Laue addressed his classmates and the crowd sharing “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss. Greeter Vinson Zheng talked about how failure has helped him in life.

“The word failure is just an acronym for ‘first attempt at learning,'” Zheng said. “Failure allows me to learn from the greatest teacher of all time – experience. And this is not offensive to any of the wonderful teachers I have had who may or may not be present. Because with experience, I am given the ability to fail, which in turn gives me the resilience to try unknown, difficult tasks with the knowledge that I can make up for my failures, as experience does not discriminate whether you had or not a failure or success. As I leave high school, I have accepted that I will continue to fail, knowing that I will be able to learn from my own experiences.

“I consider every failure in the same way I value every success as long as I have made every effort,” Zheng added. “So do not be too hard on yourself the next time you do not immediately achieve the desired results, even if you have given your 100%, since it is ultimately your first learning effort.”

Greetings Vinson Zeng discusses how failure helped him in life.

SMHS Director Denisha Presley encouraged graduates to use their past experiences and attitudes to guide them in the future.

“I do not have a crystal ball. I do not have a two-way mirror. I do not have a road map for you today. “All I have to give you back is the legacy you leave in San Marcos High School and the wonderful memories you have created for our campus as you led us out of the darkness and into a beautiful light,” Presley said. “So, as you go along, I encourage you to use your experiences, your past behaviors… and launch you not only into the future you deserve, but also into the future you desire.”

Above, SMHS Director Denisha Presley awards a diploma to a graduate.

The Curator Dr. Michael Cardona reminded alumni that there are many paths to follow to move forward.

Above, the Superintendent of the Unified ISD of Agios Markos, Dr. Michael Cardona, speaks to alumni.

“There are always many paths to the same end,” Cardona said. “And the same starting point can be a path to many extremes. We need to be very careful to avoid getting too stuck on a particular route or even a specific destination. “There is no definition of success or a path to happiness.”

Above, a Rattler graduate is all smiles during Friday’s ceremony.

Caleb Williams, president of the upper class, thanked the alumni class for allowing him to represent them in recent years.

“It was my greatest privilege to spend my childhood with you and I will always remember and cherish the memories we created,” Williams said. “In recent years we have faced so many challenges, but we have continued to have resilience every day. I have no doubt in my mind that we will continue to use this resilience in our respective journeys.

“Through the pandemic, we entered top universities, won academic games, competed in multiple playoffs, and displayed our talents through extracurricular activities at the regional, state and national levels,” Williams added. “It’s hard to think of our high school years without mentioning the pandemic, but while it may seem sad, we can triumph that we came out of it stronger than when we entered it. Although this may seem like the end, this is only the beginning of our journeys and we will be successful in what we try to do “.

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‘This is only the beginning’: San Marcos High School celebrates graduation Source link ‘This is only the beginning’: San Marcos High School celebrates graduation

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