THG Presents: The 10 Biggest Turkeys of 2021!

2021 begins with a rebellion against the US Capitol and ends with even more COVID-19 deaths than seen in 2020.


Kim Kardashian has filed for a divorce from Kanye West … Megan Markle has welcomed her second child … and a very famous reality star has been arrested on really horrifying charges. ..

There were many.

We’ve covered good, bad, and very weird things all year round in Hollywood gossip-but what about those who are very annoying, weird, and lame?

How about being pathetic, ridiculous, and laughable?

Indeed, what about the celebrities we are most closely associated with turkeys?

In honor of Thanksgiving, our staff are here again to count down the 10 largest turkeys in 2021 (just like). I did it in 2020), Start with the 10th weakest and frustrating one … and end with wiith NS The weakest and most frustrating:

10. Donald Trump: Usually, when you instigate a violent attack on democracy, someone automatically takes the top spot in this scientific ranking system.

It was, in all respects, not in any form, form, or form, as was the constant and dangerous whining of a fraudulent presidential election.

But it’s important to remember that Trump isn’t really in the office anymore. He lost to Joe Biden.

And the loser doesn’t deserve a higher spot than the last spot here.

9. Angela Deme: It’s hard to pick just one 90-day fiancester that truly embodies the spirit of turkey, but Angela will take a cake (stuffing?) In 2021.

On the screen, she ended her screaming and verbal abuse with the most angry striptease everyone has ever seen.

Off-screen, she invited a convicted child sexually abused daughter to a party with Angela and her grandchildren on July 4.

The makeover cannot fix it.

8. Scott Disick: This is three 38-year-old fathers seeking a romantic relationship with a teenage model that is hardly legal.

He is also a bitter and jealous jealousy who defiled Kourtney Kardashian just because he chose to share her happiness with the world after falling in love with someone new.

Any one of these actions alone is enough for him to be on the list of THG’s top turkeys.

Together, they are enough to make us expect him to fade back vaguely soon so that we no longer need to hear about the unpleasant behavior of this creep.

7. Jon Gosselin: Is this guy still in the news? And do you appear in the Dr. Oz Show everywhere? And are you still putting his ex-wife in the trash? !! ??

And I’m still talking for a long time About his ex-girlfriend’s cancer diagnosis??

Away, hey. Please.

6. Kelly Dodd: Kelly has been a real piece for years, but her on-screen antiques were usually funny.

But last year she was terrible.

The months when Kelly disseminated malicious and false information cost her two grumpy jobs. She is no longer a real housewife and spends her days being sued to tell her something in her ridiculous podcast.

It’s a little sad that she actually does something like this this..

5. Jamie Spears: According to his own daughter, Jamie should be investigated and probably put behind the bar for her treatment over the last 13 years.

In one abominable statement about something else, Britney Spears has been released This summer and fall was a horrifying act of her dad as a guardian of her property.

She managed every aspect of her personal and professional life, how he stole money from her, how she didn’t have children, and how he managed her personal and professional life for over a decade. I talked about-in the process, he arranged his bank accounts in the millions.

Jamie left his legal role a few weeks ago and became a judge End the guardianship system After a while.

4. Pete Davidson: It’s just … this painfully not funny guy shouldn’t be allowed to keep up with all the beautiful women in Holwood.

Seriously, a man, How big is it?? !! ??

3. David Eason: He has won a permanent spot on this list.

In Eason’s honor, he did not kill dogs or beat his spouse in 2021, at least as far as we know.

But he is still a racist. And still prejudice.And still badly affected his children, he and General Evans Still trying to realize myselfGreat to our extreme disappointment.

2. Delta variant: Why doesn’t the virus that killed an infinite number of people get our top spot?

For this guy …

1. Josh Duggar: What can we say about Josh Duggar, who hasn’t been told in his huge criminal record yet?

A known sexual predator will soon be tried on suspicion of child pornography that could land him behind a bar for up to 20 years.

One principal investigator described the material found on Josh’s computer as “worst and worst.” Interestingly, the explanation works perfectly for Josh himself!

Not only is our Turkey of the Year a shameful former reality star, he is also an early and most promising candidate for the worst disciplined bird of the 21st century.

THG Presents: The 10 Biggest Turkeys of 2021! Source link THG Presents: The 10 Biggest Turkeys of 2021!

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