The Viral Hair Tool I Recommend to Everyone is On Sale for Amazon Prime Day 2022

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Updated July 12, 2022: During the past year Amazon Prime Day Sale, I spontaneously bought a hair tool that had been viral on TikTok. That Revlon One-Step Volumizer hot air brush has inspired a dizzying number of videos on social media and attracted hundreds of thousands of raving Amazon reviews. The “miracle” hair dryer brush is back on sale for Prime Day 2022, so allow us to review it again with updated pricing information. And if you’re not convinced, here’s CNET Prime Day Live blog and a summary of the best Amazon Prime Day deals (and Anti Prime Day offers) for 2022. Original story follows.

If there’s one type of person I can’t relate to, it’s those with the manual dexterity to wrestle a round brush and blow dryer in elegant choreography to achieve smooth, salon-quality, voluminous blowouts. (French braid magic is a close second.) Without the addition of a third arm, my options have always been to iron all the personality out of my hair, curl it until I look like Dolly Parton, or wear it au naturel and have to Assure everyone I haven’t just been electrocuted. Or I suppose I could spend an arm and a leg in a hair dryer bar. But as I found out, I have to grow an arm, don’t spend one.

Revlon’s blow dryer brush does the job of a round brush and blow dryer in one.

Enter the Revlon One Step Volumizer hot air brush. I saw this hair tool trending on TikTok last summer shortly after discovering this My side part and skinny jeans were out of style without my consent. I swiped through TikTok videos trendy Gen Z’ers Evangelizing the brush which they said does both the job of a round brush and a blow dryer and effectively gives you one of your arms back. I was in a vulnerable state geriatric millennial Feeling unwell, and the brush was on sale Prime Day. I took the bait.

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I identify as Type-2B wavywith added frizz from a humid climate and after birth regrowing outliers. My hair is big and lush, a real mane, a cousin of Cousin Itt. I once went to Halloween as Lorde, with a striking resemblance. I made countless spontaneous purchases hair toolsAccessories and products over the years — curlers, bumps, hair agamithe Revo styler — many of which didn’t work properly on thick hair (the butterfly clip era was particularly taxing for me). And after falling down the TikTok rabbit hole, I fully expected the Revlon brush to be similarly disappointing.

To my surprise, the learning curve was only a minor berm, and my hair looked almost salon straight after just one try. I’ve found plenty of overlapping muscle memories from years of using curling irons, and with the help of some TikTok tutorials, I can now achieve both a bouncy, wavy look and a straighter style with the same tool. I like that curly styles with the Revlon brush aren’t to Cowardly lion and straight styles don’t slip either. And I love that I can dry and style my hair at the same time, which not only saves time but also possible heat damage.

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Here’s how that Revlon One Step Volumizer hot air brush How it works: Like a round brush, the One-Step Volumizer is round – actually elliptical – and covered with soft bristles to smooth sections of hair when brushed over. And like a hair dryer, the tool blows hot air from inside the brush, drying your hair and setting curls (with three heat settings) as it goes. Unlike competitors like that Dyson Airwrap, Revlon’s two-in-one device doesn’t come with attachments and it won’t “auto-wrap” your hair. It’s also only about 10% of the price, retailing for $60 and up currently on sale at Amazon for only $39.

These days, I still struggle with a bit of frizz at my roots — Revlon’s large shaft makes it difficult to get very close to your scalp — but it’s nothing a basic with a curling iron and a dab of product can’t fix. Other than that, I have hardly used any other hair tools since purchasing the Revlon blow dryer brush. And not a single person has asked me if I’ve recently been electrocuted.

The Viral Hair Tool I Recommend to Everyone is On Sale for Amazon Prime Day 2022 Source link The Viral Hair Tool I Recommend to Everyone is On Sale for Amazon Prime Day 2022

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