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Tokyo >> Tolstoy once said, “Art is a microscope.” Therefore, it is appropriate that Australia’s 24/7 obsession with global aquatic success is recorded at the exhibition entitled “Swimming and Australian Identity” at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.

The exhibition details the hosting of sports in Australia, from the 1800s to the glorious days of the Dawn Fraser Olympics in the 1960s and the success of Ian Thorpe, known to the country as “soaped” in the 21st century. I will.

Australia’s latest idol, Arian Titoms, also has a superhero-like nickname.


20-year-old Titmus arrives at the Olympics this week with the determination to defeat the Olympic’s biggest name, the five-time Olympic champion Katie Ledecky.

Titmus is the biggest and perhaps the only obstacle between Ledecky and Jenny Thompson’s record for most Olympic swimming gold medals (8) by women.

The 15-time world champion, 24-year-old Ledecky, remains overwhelmingly popular for winning the 800-meter freestyle in three consecutive tournaments and the first Olympic 1,500 freestyle, but Titmuss. Seems to be beyond the ability to deny the success of American defense The 200, 400 Freestyle and 4×200 Freestyle relay the gold she won in Rio de Janeiro four years ago.

“Well, she’s not going to do it all her own way,” Titmuss told reporters at a recent Australian Olympic trial.

That was clear even before Titmus said a word.

She won the trial 200 in 1 minute 53.09 seconds. That’s just 0.11 off the world record held by Italy’s Federica Perezini, more than two seconds faster than Ledecky’s victory time (1: 55.11) in the US Olympic Trials in Omaha. Titmus also took second place on the 400 freelist in world history, scoring 3: 56.90, 0.44 off Ledecky’s world record set by his victory in Rio, Ledecky’s trial performance (4 :). 01.27) is more than 4 seconds faster).

“I’m her number one competitor at the moment,” Titmus said in court.

In the past, Lececky appeared to be negative or frustrated when asked about Titmus and seemed to insist on not using the Australian name.

“I’m not going to check the results every few hours,” she said in a US trial when asked about the outlook for Titmuss’ performance at the Australian tournament.

Ledecky also said in the trial that “no medals will be won.” However, Titmus’ Trials performance forced Ledecky to admit his rivalry without having to refer to her by name.

“We haven’t raced a ton of each other, which means we’ve been racing for a couple of years,” Ledecky said. “But I think we’re still getting the best out of each other. I know we’re both working hard towards the ultimate goal of Tokyo. She’s sure to be fast. I’m sure she’s thinking the same as I am.

“It’s always great to see the sport keep moving forward. She’s definitely doing it for our sport. It’s an honor to be able to compete with someone like her.”

The pair’s most famous race took place at the 2019 World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea. Ledecky won his first Olympic gold medal at the age of 15 and won the 2012 800 in London for more than five seconds before winning 14 world titles and setting 14 world records. Three of them are 400 freestyle. She owns the highest 24,800 marks, top 11 1,500 ever, and has won the fastest 12 400s ever in 2019 Worlds.

Australia’s Alien Titoms celebrates after winning a gold medal in the women’s 800m freestyle final at the 2018 Commonwealth Games Aquatic Center on Monday, April 9, 2018, on the Gold Coast of Australia. .. (AP Photo / Rick Rycroft)

In South Korea, Ledecky led 400 by 0.62 seconds on the turn, with Titmuss winning from 3: 58.76 to 3: 59.97 with 50 meters remaining. Ledecky’s first 400-free defeat at a major international tournament broke through the invincible veil of Americans at medium and long distances. The next morning, Ledecky withdrew from 1,500 and 200 freestyles because of illness. She later returned to win the World 800. Titmuss finished second with 200 after Peregrini.

By that time, Ledecky and Titmus had given women swimming what sports (not to mention the NBC and Australian media) urgently needed, a sincere rivalry.

Ledecky apparently snubbed Titmuss after World 400 and turned her back on her when the Australians moved to hug the Americans. Titmus now describes pair relationships as “citizens.”

At an early age, Titmuss said Ledecky was “inspiration.” Ledecky seems to think of Titomas as a root canal, but Terminator, the nickname given to her by TV journalist father Steve, welcomes rivalry stories.

“In the race I’m in, I think I have to be absolutely in the best possible way to beat Katie on the field. She’s an Olympic champion, so it’s going to be hard to win me. First Please put your hand on the wall, “Titmus told reporters at the trial.

“I’m definitely saying I’m a hunter. I have no control over what she does. If I can do my best to win the gold medal, it will be a tough race,” he said.

Ledecky, who looks unmanageable in Rio five years ago, was recently asked about the Tokyo Olympics, which was in the midst of a pandemic and was held under strict restrictions such as no spectators.

“I know the Olympics this summer,” she said. “It may not look exactly like what the past Olympics looked like.”

The Terminator threatens Ledecky’s bid for Olympic gold record – Press Telegram Source link The Terminator threatens Ledecky’s bid for Olympic gold record – Press Telegram

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