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SOULNIC DJs, left, Derrick Wise, Drake Muse, Nico, Tailwind Turner and KG Superstar. (Photo courtesy)

The term “picnic” is said to have many origins. In 17you century France, picque-niques (verb picker which means “to take” or “peck” and nique which means “small amount”) were social gatherings attended by members of an aristocratic community, all with smiles and food to share. In the Jim Crow era, many whites gathered here in the United States to “choose” a black man (or “n *** er”) to lynch an outdoor event that caused such merriment.

Oppressed communities have always risen above and beyond classicism and hate to build incredible experiences and legacies. Not an exception, SOULNIC restores only the best of both origins and adds music – much of it – to an unparalleled picnic experience that enters its 13you year in Los Angeles this summer.

The event will take place on Saturday, June 25, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Hansen Dam Recreation Center, located at 12201 Osborne Street in Silmar.

Tisha Campbell and AJ Johnson enjoyed SOULNIC 2019. (Photo courtesy)

“The typical SOULNIC event looks like a huge family reunion,” said Chavez Fraser, president of the SOULNIC Foundation. Smiles, hugs and dancing take a prominent place at these events along with an abundance of food, retail and service providers, a play area / activities for children, a barbecue grill in abundance and many DJs playing music that everyone can listen to.

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In fact, the selection of music is a key and central element of the event. SOULNIC’s music selectors play enjoyable music such as disco, afro house, soulfan house, classic house, dip house, classic soul and soul / R&B / pop remixes.

SOULNIC was founded in 2009 by Fraser and three other transplant recipients in Chicago (De’leon Howard III, Derrick Wize and Drack Muse), all music enthusiasts who wanted to create a day event in the park, similar to those they attended. before that Chicago in the summer. This led to a partnership with Los Angeles-born Ronda Wagner, who brought invaluable knowledge to the local scene and the festival was born.

People of all ages attend the event, which takes place every year at the Hansen Dam Recreation Center. (Photo courtesy)

“Our goal was to provide a free and safe day in the park so that people could gather, connect and spread love with each other while listening to the increased tempo and inspiring family music.”

Clearly, this has filled the void and struck a chord in the community as a whole, as the event is regularly attended by more than 5,000 people, including many who travel across the country to take part.

This speaks to some of what makes SOULNIC unique. “It’s for everyone,” says Fraser. “It doesn’t matter what your age, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion is. SOULNIC is to express yourself openly and freely, within reason, as long as you do not harm anyone or anything.

Explaining the secret of SOULNIC’s success, Fraser reflects: “[It’s] love and desire to provide our families and friends with a free day in the park, where love is the energy and tone of the day. ”

This energy, along with the aspirations of its founders, led to achievements that included an invitation from the city of Los Angeles to consult on the LA Loves Prince Memorial Tribute, held at City Hall a few weeks after Prince’s death. In addition, the Los Angeles Music Center reserved SOULNIC as a talent for their second annual 4th of July block party at Grand Park in downtown LA, when the event was only in its second year.

SOULNIC has also built community relationships and sponsorship from major companies and organizations such as Mar Vista Investment Partners, the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and the Capita Group, to name a few. Most recently, the non-profit organization SOULNIC Foundation 501 (c) (3) was established, which will allow the team to create more annual events and achieve another goal – to raise funds to support young people with disabilities who are interested in arts and entertainment .

Fundraising is not just a necessity; this has become something Fraser enjoys on a deeper level. “It is a joy to see how generous the world is. SOULNIC is more expensive than most people think. We usually raise money by the day of the event, sometimes even after the event. ”

This is the first SOULNIC from 2019, it expects SOULNIC 2022 to be the biggest and best they have ever had. “More people, more smiles, more laughter, more hugs, more suppliers and more LOVE.”

Learn more at soulnic.tv.


The Soul of Summer Is Upon Us  – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link The Soul of Summer Is Upon Us  – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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