The search for the 2022 Gerber Baby is on

Have you ever wondered if your baby is cute enough to be the face of Gerber baby food? This month you can find out.

The 2022 Photo Search, in which eager parents submit photos of their smiling babies to have the opportunity to become Gerber’s “Spokesbaby”, began on Monday, according to a company press release.

The lucky winner, who will win the title of “Spokesbaby” and “Chief Growing Officer”, will appear on the baby food company’s social media channels and in its advertising campaigns throughout the year. And they will also receive a $ 25,000 prize pool.

“This year, Gerber is looking for a candidate who can help share smiles and inspire joy in his parents and peers,” Gerber said on their website. “An irresistible laugh is strongly preferred, as well as an unquestionably lovable personality.”

Children aged 0-4 have the right to participate in the competition. Parents and guardians can submit the most “smiling” photos and videos of their child to the Gerber portal before Thursday, April 14th.

For the first time this year, Gerber will combine the winner’s cash prize with a $ 25,000 donation to the March of Dimes nonprofit maternal and baby health programs.

“Babies have the power to unite us through their happiness and we at Gerber support promoting the joy and well-being of all babies,” said Tarun Malkani, Gerber’s president and CEO, according to the company press release. .

The 2022 winner will follow in the footsteps of Zane Kahin, Gerber’s baby of 2021. In recent years, Gerber Photo Search has seen many milestones. The 2020 winner, Magnolia, was the first adopted Gerber baby, while the 2019 Kairi was the first Gerber baby from Hmong.

If you are interested in submitting, click here here.

The search for the 2022 Gerber Baby is on Source link The search for the 2022 Gerber Baby is on

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