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By Lue Dowdy | LUE Productions

June 10, also referred to as “Freedom Day”, has already been declared an official holiday. More than half of the states around the world now recognize June 19 as a national holiday. This day is a celebration of the end of slavery in the United States.

The June celebration at San Bernardino Valley College last Saturday was EPIC. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was right. There were over 1500 participants from all over the Inner Empire and beyond. The theme, “Celebrating Freedom, A Fun Family Experience,” was exactly that. It was wonderful to see so many families, friends and community members gather together in honor of such a historic achievement. Children laughed, played, and ran freely within the First 5 San Bernardino-sponsored children’s area. The vendors of food, resources and MERC were placed along a line called the “Vendor line”. The line had more than 80 vendors. I was able to do over 30,000 steps moving back and forth.

The opening ceremony began at noon and took place in the auditorium hosted by the girl, yes me, Lue Dowdy. Reverend Bronica Martindale, CEO of Reverend B. Productions, began with a Liberation ceremony, while Pastor Joshua Beckley of the Ecclesia Christian Fellowship Church led the prayer shortly afterwards. The spirit was in the building.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Daniel Walker, was a breath of fresh air. He obviously involved the audience and excited him to learn and reflect. The remarks were given by Dr. Scott Thayer, Interim President of San Bernardino Valley College; Karen E. Scott, Executive Director for First 5 San Bernardino; Damon Alexander, member of the San Bernardino City Council in the 7th District; Dr. Gwen Dowdy-Rodgers, San Bernardino Unified School District; and Kimberly Calvin, a member of the San Bernardino City Council in the 6th District. Other speakers and live performances took place outside the Greek Theater throughout the day.

This holiday had so many moving parts, like mini educational seminars, a pie-eating contest, an art walk, bike and car shows, domino tournaments, mac and cheese race, sidewalk crayons, shovel races, game tournaments and more. Coach Cooley and his team from DGK donated 30 professional skateboards along with helmets to the youngsters. Community drawings were developed and winners received gas cards, event shirts, paintings and other items. The winners of the tournament received either a cash prize, a trophy or a medal.

In honor of Father’s Day, the committee awarded eight community father awards to deserving individuals who work daily to serve the San Bernardino community and its members. Congratulations Johnathan Buffong – (SPIRIT PRICE) Buffong Consulting, Josiah Bruny – (COMMUNITY ACTIVIST) Music Changing Lives, Reverend Samuel Casey – (NOBLE PRICE) COPE Congregations Organized for Phrophetic Engagement –’s Uncle Engagement –’s Uncle OPAWLE Uncle Daytona Berbershop, Rich Wallace – (RESIDENCE AND REMOVAL OF THE GREAT) Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce, Edwin Johnson – (COMMUNITY BATTLE AWARD) Franklin Youth Enrichment Center, Franklin MENTOR) Project Fighting Chance – Terr, (PINNACLE AWARD) Academy of Young Visionary Youth Leadership.

The City of San Bernardino on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, presented a proclamation to the SBJC at the San Bernardino City Council meeting, then on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors voted to announce June 19 every year as the eighteenth of June. It is now a paid holiday. The purpose of the San Bernardino June Committee was to offer something to everyone satisfied and in my opinion the goal was achieved. Join the fun next year by becoming a 2023 committee member. For more information, please email SBJC at Eventjuneteenth@gmail.com.

The San Bernardino Juneteenth Committee is orchestrated by several stunning organizations based in San Bernardino and neighboring cities. The Board consists of Edwin Johnson: President, Ronecia Miller: Vice President, Lue Dowdy: Director of Operations and Zepporah Johnson: Director of Administration. If you missed this year, please be on the lookout for next year.
Committee members: Kecia Miller, Kecia Worline, Dawn Gains, Calisha Millage, Krissy Harper, Porscha Dillard, Amanda Smart, Cat Clark, Dee Goins, Robin McKinnon, Kimberly Woods, Kristen Aguas, Shalita Tillman, Mary Valdemar, Shiana Cole.

Title Sponsors and Supporters: San Bernardino Valley College, Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce, 47th District Supervisor Eloise Gomez Reyes, top 5 San Bernardino, IEHP, ICUC, Health Network, City of San Bernardino, Chase Bank, LifeStream Blood Bank, 5 District, Supervisor Joe Baca Jr, Helen Tran, San Bernardino Parks N REC Department, Westside Story Newspaper, Domino Tournament Winners: 1st Shug Wesley, 2nd Keyon Sams and 3rd Dillard Anderson

Mission: The mission of the June Committee is to unite the community in celebrating African-American FREEDOM and HOPE.
Vision: To create a community gathering to raise awareness of our past battles and triumphs by coming together as a collective to reflect, educate, elevate, in celebration of the marked national holiday.

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The San Bernardino Juneteenth Committee Celebration of Freedom is What it Do! – Westside Story Newspaper – Online Source link The San Bernardino Juneteenth Committee Celebration of Freedom is What it Do! – Westside Story Newspaper – Online

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