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Many of our habits, including how to shop, changed when people were at home and closed during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The pandemic has really changed consumer behavior,” said Mirokopic, a marketing professor at SDSU. “For most of 2020, online spending went from 15% to 30-40% of online spending.”

As more people are vaccinated and stores throughout San Diego reopen, Copic believes there will be the first surge to shop directly.

“In the case of retail, I think mall consumers in particular will be excited to return to the mall,” Copic said. “It’s just a relief, but it’s related to how people buy, so we’re in a different place, which would be a big problem for retailers.

Small business owners say the pandemic forced them to change their habits.

“During the pandemic, I definitely made a lot of changes,” said Tanya Macania of South Park’s Bad Madge and Company. “It was dying or dying. We had to adapt.”

The surge in online shopping will drop a bit. Copic does not expect to maintain a 40% high, but says it will be higher than the previous 15%.

“This is a permanent change and will have a significant impact on retail location,” Copic said. “Consumers are really getting used to online shopping.”

McAnear has definitely moved more online orders. Her store was closed for two months, so she started a live Instagram event from her store on Thursday night. She says she knows that people want to shop directly, but still want to stay safe.

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“How do you make people want to shop comfortably?” Macania asked. “I think people really want to get out of the house. They don’t just want to sit in front of the screen.”

The pandemic has led many to test grocery delivery and pick-up services. Unlike the surge in online shopping, Copic states that the decline in grocery deliveries will be much more pronounced.

“Most grocery shoppers tend to prefer to go to a grocery store because they have a lot to see and see,” Copic said.

It’s also because most grocery stores are close to where people live and it’s much more convenient for people to shop directly.

In addition to shopping behavior, Copic believes that many grocery stores and other retailers maintain safety measures such as disinfection stations and plastic barriers.

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“They will keep them until they feel they are at risk,” Copic said.

With the promotion of online shopping, shopping holidays may change. Copic says it expects to see more Black Friday and new semester deals online.

“This is a change in the step function of consumer behavior,” Copic said.

The Pandemic Might Have Changed How We Shop For Good – NBC 7 San Diego Source link The Pandemic Might Have Changed How We Shop For Good – NBC 7 San Diego

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