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At an unusual time, 21-year-old Charles Taylor decided to spend his days taking an unusual look at Black history.

Taylor, who is Black, was born in Vallejo and now lives in Fairfield. In the early days of the pandemic, he created the website blackishistory.com, which educates viewers on the subject not only centuries ago, but also in other parts of Africa.

It examines the lives and achievements of prominent blacks living in Europe in the Middle Ages, including the first settlers, kings, queens, nobles, dukes, and knights.

Taylor’s website also includes information about Greece, Scotland, the British Isles, Dorian and Spartan blacks, black Germanic tribes, and black Romans, to name a few.

“When he comes to the website, I ask him to come with an open mind,” Taylor said. “When you first read it, some information seems unbelievable. But instead of discounting things, be willing to learn. It’s always good to ask questions, but make sure you want to learn and learn the truth. ”

Taylor wrote and designed the site after extensive research. He has amassed a large personal library and is now an independent historian of the subject. Many of its significant sources have come from the Stanford University Green Library, an organization that has only authenticated relevant academic work.

Taylor said the inspiration for his website came soon after reading several books on the pandemic. However, David MacRitchie’s book “Ancient and Modern Britons” was the main inspiration for his project.

“The book mainly describes the first inhabitants of the earth, whether they were in Scotland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic,” Taylor said. “He describes the first such black settlers who were not slaves. Reading all of this made me want to learn more. Then I had all this information and I felt I needed a way to share it with others, especially people in my demographic. That was very important to me. ”

Taylor was shocked at the start of his studies. Why didn’t he learn so much about growing up?

“A lot of them were amazing to the point of disbelief,” Taylor said. “I was finding a lot of information about what blacks were doing outside of slavery. At school and university you learn a lot about what blacks do in Africa, but you never seem to learn anything about blacks in Europe or the Mediterranean. There were also Black Vikings. I wanted to educate people in my demographics, especially if they lack an understanding of the subject.

“I wanted to create a site that explores the history of unusual Blacks; a story that anyone will find interesting; history that has been forgotten or not normally thought of, ”Taylor continued. “It simply came to our notice then. It will give any reader a broader sense of our history and culture. ”

Taylor initially had nine tabs on the site, but as time went on he created more. With the website up and running, Taylor is looking to expand the horizons and transfer a lot of information to YouTube and Patreon.

“Yeah, that’s the idea, to expand and expand the platform,” Taylor said. “I will add more facts about other civilizations as I learn more, but the main focus next month will be on transferring information to reach a wider audience.”

There’s nothing as bad as high school for someone who didn’t care about his history class recently.

“Yeah, I didn’t like it then,” Taylor said with a laugh. “But I’ve learned a lot from the pandemic, and the whole learning process makes me want to be a history teacher one day.”

She graduated from Buckingham Magnet Charter High School in Taylor Vacaville. He is currently studying at Solano Community College and plans to continue his studies at Sacramento State or Black College or a historic university next year.

The new ‘Taylor’-made Black History site – Times-Herald Source link The new ‘Taylor’-made Black History site – Times-Herald

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