The Lancet warns US Supreme Court over abortion

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British Medical Journal The Lancet warns Friday that U.S. Supreme Court judges will get “women’s blood on their hands” if they violate abortion rights across the country.

The editor-in-chief of the famous science textbook condemned a draft resolution revoking the 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade who reserved the right to do abortion in the United States.

“The fact of the matter is that the US Supreme Court has upheld its verdict. mata he will die, ”the newspaper said.

“The judges who voted to kill Roe will not succeed in ending the abortion, they will only succeed in ending the abortion safely.”

“Alito and his supporters will have the blood of a woman in their hands,” said Judge Samuel Alito, who wrote the court’s most widely circulated memorandum last week.

Lancet said black women they will suffer incorrectly from the decision because they have an unwanted pregnancy rate more than their white counterparts, and they have a three-fold higher maternal mortality rate.

“These ethnic and class sectors need immediate solutions, not further legal barriers,” the editor said.

Protests erupted in the United States last week after a draft resolution was leaked to the Politico news website, and several U.S. groups called for protests across the country over the weekend.

“If the court denies women the right to abortion in safety, it will be a legal recognition of the government’s authority over women – a dramatic setback for women’s health and rights, which will result in a world, “said Lancet.

About 33 million women have an abortion every year worldwide, according to the editor.

The Conservative-dominated Supreme Court, which was amended by former Republican President Donald Trump, confirmed the exposed statement as true, but said it did not necessarily represent the court’s final decision.

If confirmed, it would allow states to enact their own abortion laws, with 26 other states “sure or not” banning abortions, according to the Guttmacher Center, which supports abortion rights.

The Supreme Court ruled to annul Roe v. Wade, another document shows

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The Lancet warns US Supreme Court over abortion Source link The Lancet warns US Supreme Court over abortion

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