The Kardashians Trailer Teases Fights, Engagements, Exes, and … Murder?!

The premiere of the series is just a couple of weeks away, Kardashians‘teaser trailers go all out.

The latest hangs all over Travis’s suggestion for Kourtney and Kendall’s fierce battle with Scott.

Some of the future is familiar. Other things are brand new to all of us.

The Kardashians have never escaped drama, but … why is Kim talking about murder?

“One of the biggest things in her life is happening,” Kris Jenner tells the camera.

“And Kourtney,” he continues in this teaser, “has no idea.”

We get new glimpses of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker.

The significance of the crisis is obvious, even though we didn’t know their big news from last year.

In the midst of the spreading of skillful flowers on the beach, Travis married Kourtney.

Although we’ve already seen many pictures, the Hulu series shows that moment to all of us.

We’re sure Kourtney’s actor Scott Disick won’t enjoy it.

He spent much of 2021 raising the headlines about his public and private inability to cope with Kourtney’s new romance.

However, not everyone is committed to this brand new series.

“I’m very excited about having another child,” Kylie tells the cameras.

Meanwhile Kylie shared a detailed pregnancy video with the fans and did not try to keep this pregnancy a secret, as she did first, Kardashians certainly share a lot.

Of course, the pregnancy of the Villages can also mean that she doesn’t end up as much nonsense as some of her siblings.

Kim was, of course, getting rid of them throughout the filming of the first season.

“It’s really hard,” Kim says, “with Kanye.”

While those audio clips may have been taken from separate statements, he is not wrong.

Kanye’s increasingly unstable behavior was the motive for the divorce, but it didn’t end in marriage.

His public appearances about his inability to take clues rose to headlines last year and will continue to do so this year, especially as he rages about this relationship with Pete Davidson.

However, we know that Kanye still loves Chris.

When talking about the Kardashians with their toxic exes, Khloe and Tristan also show up.

“Tristan and I are … complicated,” he seems to say in the trailer.

“Trust takes time,” Khloe appears to tell him.

Funny spectators also see them playing chess skillfully at a large chess table.

True is adorable and sits in her mother’s arms as her parents pretend this is how they spend time.

It’s very silly, but so are the many things this family does.

Then we see Kendall Jenner, who seems to be in fierce conflict with Scott Disick.

“I’m so over here, Scott,” Kendall says. “I’m outdoors.”

He gets up and rushes away, although there is no clue as to what the conflict may be about.

Other conflicts are more obvious.

Kris introduces his Xanatos complex as he happily celebrates that two of his daughters have been sued. Vogue.

One of them wins and one of them loses … but that’s Kris ’victory anyway, and it matters.

Looks like Kim and Kendall are locking the horns.

Although Kendall is a professional supermodel, Kim has been working as a model – and breaking the Internet – for many years.

Will weight or career win the day? That’s what they’re trying to figure out.

Sounds like Kimberly is considering murder.

Or if not, he jokes when he considers it.

“I would probably kill Kendall myself if that happened [were] between the two of us, “Kim laughs.

We will know the context of all these moments in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Kardashians will premiere in Hulu on April 14.

This is a family streaming debit. Only time will tell if they still have what cannot be missed.

The Kardashians Trailer Teases Fights, Engagements, Exes, and … Murder?! Source link The Kardashians Trailer Teases Fights, Engagements, Exes, and … Murder?!

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