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LA Auto The show — one of the first indoor car shows to return since the outbreak of COVID — was light in the news and heavier than usual in vaporware. However, there were some prominent vehicles, technologies and companies during the two-day press period leading up to the event.

For better or for worse in Los Angeles this year, the vehicles and themes that have caught our attention are:

Change the story: green and beautiful

Image credit: Karsten Colossek

At a major press conference, which was scarce by noon on Wednesday, the theme of the day focused on sustainability and climate change. It was a combination of greenwashing and real action.

Hyundai When Kia Before announcing all-electric concept cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles, we presented a video intro that emphasized how important it is to be environmentally friendly. Fisker talked about saving the sea. Subaru, who has long worked on green initiatives and invested considerable money to support everything from national parks to animal rescue, also emphasized their continued support for environmental friendliness.

This has not been uncommon in the past, but the entire automotive industry is on the road to reducing emissions, innovating sustainable manufacturing and sourcing, and reaching the end of their usable life. A disastrous warning that humans have only had 10 years to reduce their impact on climate change was issued at several press conferences at the show.

Hollywood mode

Fisker Ocean SUV

Image credit: Karsten Colossek

One of the more interesting announcements this year was the near-production version of Fisker Ocean. This is an all-electric SUV with a large 17.1 inch screen. Can rotate 90 degrees Moves from landscape or “Hollywood mode” to portrait.

In landscape orientation, users can play games and watch videos while the ocean is parked and charged. Fisker states that it has a patent on swivel screen technology.

Fisker Ocean Screen La Auto Show

Image credit: Karsten Colossek

It’s electricity

Porsche Sport Turismo GTS Electric

Image credit: Karsten Colossek

The overall theme of this year’s LA Auto Show was (of course) all electrification. There were a lot of ICE engine vehicles all over the floor, but the big news came in the form of battery power.

From the all-electric Nissan Ariya SUV and Toyota bz4x, and their twin Subaru Soltera, one of our favorites, All Electric Porsche Sport Turismo Sedan Wagon with a magic roof.

Technology to prevent illness

Image credit: Carsten Colossek

In the third year of the ongoing pandemic, automakers are increasingly looking at ways to keep us from getting sick.Hyundai Seven SUV concept At the LA Auto Show, which offers features such as vertical airflow, antibacterial copper, and even a UVC sterilizer.

Electric rest mod is coming

Cobra Electric La Auto Show

Image credit: Karsten Colossek

One of the striking trends at this year’s LA Auto Show was the number of old car bodies on the new electric powertrains. It may not offer the same built-in experience as the ICE engine, but it does provide a new way to enjoy classic cars.

Kobera Car startups brought the C300 to the show this year, much like the old-fashioned Shelby Cobra, but the C300 has an all-electric powertrain that the company says it can use instead of the V8 engine under the hood. It has been. 0-62mph C300 in 2.7 seconds. The Cobera C300 was designed and manufactured by Composite-Projects, a Hungarian company specializing in the manufacture of vehicles and motorhomes. When you switch on the car, a synthetic sound is emitted from the car and sounds a bit like an old V8.

Electra MechanicaIs an electric vehicle manufacturer that brought a three-wheeled solo car to the LA Auto Show (see below for details). We unveiled the eRoadster, an electric vehicle like the Porsche 356 Speedster, with updated features such as air conditioning, power windows and locks. , And the latest infotainment system.

Electra Roadster La Auto Show

Image credit: Karsten Colossek

Restmods weren’t the only small, relatively unknown car makers to create restmods in their new powertrains. Ford brought the electric F-100, which appeared at SEMA in early November. NS 1978 F-100 Ford ElminateThe r electric rest mod is equipped with a Ford E-crate motor that customers can buy and put into their car.

The F-100 has a pair of electric motors on the front and rear, and Ford states that the vehicle will get 480 horsepower and 635 ft-pounds of torque. Inside, there is also a newly updated infotainment system with a screen and a digital dash.

Ford Illuminator La Auto Show

Image credit: Karsten Colossek

3 wheels

Electric solora auto show

Image credit: Karsten Colossek

Shows usually have at least a few tricycles, but this year there were more cars than usual. Ability electric Brought them Electric tuk-tuk for electric and solar power According to the company, companies such as Amazon and Walmart can use it to deliver last mile in densely populated cities around the world.

Their GMW Taskman is already in use in places like Europe and Asia, and the founders say they delivered over 12 million packages and recorded over 20 million miles.

Ability Electric La Auto Show

Image credit: Karsten Colossek

Electra Mechanica The company also brought the Solo vehicle announced in 2016 to the show and offered a test drive during the press day. According to the company, small electric vehicles can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge, generate 82 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque, and can climb up to 80 miles per hour. A single-seater with cargo space, designed for short trips and commute through the city. Solo is priced at $ 18,500 and is built in Mesa, Arizona.

Sonder The company also brought in a three-seater three-wheeled electric vehicle, which, according to the company, can secure a cruising range of about 100 miles. Manufactured after successful crowdfunding of over $ 1 million, the EV comes with a 33 kWh battery pack and produces 170 horsepower and 323 lb-ft of torque.

Imperium I also brought a three-wheeled electric vehicle called Sagitta. This vehicle is the largest three-wheeled passenger car on the show and has ample space for up to four people. Sagitta said he had made a reservation since mid-2022, but had no vehicle specifications yet.


Barbie Carla Auto Show

Image credit: Abigail Bassett

Even Barbie spent a moment at the LA Auto Show, where Mattel unveiled a life-sized version of the Barbie Extra Car. Built on the 2021 Fiat 500 chassis, the fiberglass body features wild sparkling white paint, a pair of wings for the door, and a pet pool on the back.

Solar power

Edison La Auto Show

Image credit: Karsten Colossek

At this year’s show, there were some vehicles with some interesting solar charging options. Chinese energy companies SPI and Phoenix Motor Inc. have launched the EF1-T pickup truck at the LA Auto Show. The truck unveiled a retractable solar pickup bedspread that the company said could add 25-35 miles to the vehicle. Both the EF1-T and the van version, the EF1-V is a huge vehicle, apparently still a prototype, as the company said it still incorporates “customer opinion” in terms of features and uses.

According to the company, the EF1-T, which looks like a giant insect, should reach the range of 380-450 miles on charge, and the company is currently pre-selling vehicles for delivery in 2025. ..

The highs and lows of the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show – TechCrunch Source link The highs and lows of the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show – TechCrunch

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